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Senator says he went to Yuma school to discuss bullying aimed at his grandchild

Sen. Don Shooter, R-Yuma

A visibly upset Sen. Don Shooter entered a classroom against a school official’s will and verbally confronted a teacher during class, frightening the students and the teacher, Yuma police reported.

The teacher is pursuing an assault charge against the senator, according to the police report.

Shooter initially declined to comment.   This morning, he issued a statement saying:  “Don Shooter, as a concerned grandfather, went to his grandson’s school to discuss several incidents of alleged bullying by a teacher. Mr. Shooter has since spoken to the principal and both parties are working to help his grandson.”

The police report said Shooter, R-Yuma, later tried to defuse the tension by calling a charter school association officer. And according to a statement by a school official, Shooter indicated to the school’s counselor that “he was a very influential person in Yuma and the state of Arizona.”

The Arizona Capitol Times reported Thursday that the Yuma Police Department was sent to the EOC Charter School in Yuma and is investigating Shooter’s role in the incident. The police report was released to the Capitol Times Thursday following a public records request.

Shooter burst into the classroom the morning of March 22 in a “visibly angry manner” and demanded to speak with a teacher, who told police Shooter “was an arm’s length from me pointing and shaking his finger at me,” the report said.

The outburst scared the teacher, Danielle Munoz, and students in her classroom, the report said.

“She was afraid for her safety and the safety of her students,” according to an officer’s account of the incident in the police report.

Munoz is seeking an injunction against harassment and wants to press charges against Shooter, who is under investigation for assault, third-degree criminal trespassing, and the disruption of an educational institution.

No charges have been filed against the Yuma Republican and no arrest had been made.

According to the 15-page report, Shooter was told by the registrar at the school’s entrance that Munoz was teaching a class and was not available to meet with him. But when the registrar was distracted by a phone call, the senator walked past her and into Munoz’s classroom, the report said.

John Morales, executive director of the nonprofit Yuma Private Industry Council that sponsors the school, said it was “unnerving” that Shooter would slip past security and enter the school and classroom without permission from the front desk.

During the confrontation, two other school officers came to help defuse the confrontation. One of them, school register Theresa Dover, “put her body between Mr. Shooter and me,” Munoz said, adding she backed away toward her desk, picked up her cell phone and began recording, the report said.

Munoz told police that Shooter looked upset and “seemed confrontational and aggressive,” and the senator refused to leave despite pleas from school officials. Shooter demanded to speak with the teacher about concerns he had with the instruction she was giving Shooter’s grandson, a student at the school, the report said.

A student told the police that at one point, Shooter “got angry and raised his voice more and more,” the report said.

Shooter left after he noticed Munoz was recording video and was asked again to leave, the report said.

Shooter later asked Eileen Sigmund, president of the Arizona Charter Schools Association, to contact the school in his behalf. Patricia Romant, operations director of the Yuma Private Industry Council, said Sigmund offered her assistance to help resolve the situation.

“[Sigmund] indicated that Senator Shooter was chair of the Appropriations Committee and wanted her assistance in resolving the situation quietly and between the school and Mr. Shooter,” Romant told police.

Sgt. Leanne Worthen, a public affairs officer with the Yuma Police Department, said police “have been given no information that he had gun” while at the school.   Shooter said he was not carrying a gun.

EOC Charter High School is a continuation school for students ages 16 to 21 with career-focused training and abbreviated coursework to help students get their GED or high school diploma.



  1. Why isn’t this person under arrest . Anybody else would be in jailed. So he uses his political clout to defend his wussy grand kid. What a piece of trash

  2. “Inappropriate”, “uncomfortable”, “abusing children-under the age of 15” — words used to send people in Arizona to prison for decades! So why isn’t the senator held to the same standard?

  3. If everyone can carry a gun in Arizona, then why would the question get asked if he was carrying a gun? The GOP all carry guns they want the teachers to have. Did the teacher have a gun? The classroom was frightened. Lord knows what might have happened if there were guns in the classroom. Everyone is on edge now.

  4. I would have done the same thing to protect my grandchild, but I would have held my temper in check until the class was cleared and the teacher was free to talk about the matter.

  5. Maybe the teachers should be armed, after all ?

  6. Unless he is the legal guardian with paperwork on file, he had no legal right to even discuss his grandchild’s situation unless the child’s parents had left written permission. The school might not have been in a position to say anything to him at all, but it is certainly something they would have to check into prior to allowing him to meet with the teacher. Rules are for others, apparently.

  7. You know, if that teacher would have been armed like all the CONservatives and tea-baggers think she should be, she could have just treated him like a threat, shot him in the head, and claimed self defense against a crazy old conservative, which are a danger to anyone who isn’t white, male, or christian.

  8. The GOP wants to arm all the teachers. Wouldnt it have been a travesty if she shot him dead and then asked questions.

  9. What a gross display of entitled ego! If my child were in that classroom at the time Shooter burst in and showed his butt, I would NOT let this quietly die down at all. Perhaps, Arizona, you need to look at showing this thug the door? Terriffic example of personal responsibility that he showed his grandson, by the way.

  10. What a ****** ******!

  11. Arizona State Senator Don shooter(District 13), TEA-Republican, crashes a school ranting and raving about his grandson and terrorizing the teacher and the class and we wonder why radical TEA-types have the reputation they have. And then Senator Don shooter states that “he was a very influential person in Yuma and the state of Arizona,” to raise his posture higher rail radical extremism as the law of his territory. “Shooter burst into the classroom the morning of March 22 in a “visibly angry manner” and demanded to speak with a teacher, who told police Shooter “was an arm’s length from me pointing and shaking his finger at me,” the report said. Wake up America! The 2014 Mid-term is a-coming! Get registered and V.O.T.E.(Vote Out The Encumberances) Sadly, there are some of the same in the Democratic party, but fewer in number. Bigotry, prejudice and biasness has been here all along, and it took a black president to bring it out in the open. Wake up America! The 2014 Mid-term is a-coming! Get registered and V.O.T.E.(Vote Out The Encumberances)

  12. Why does anybody seem surprised by this? Of course he did, and of course he is using all his “influence” to try and diffuse its consequences. Thinks he is above the law with out a doubt as all these arses do. If you or I had entered a school we would have been lucky to have only been arrested; we probably would have been shot by some overly zealous sweet old boy in blue. Lock this man up. The citizens in this town should all be filing charges against law enforcement RIGHT NOW for malfeasance in office. He is “chair of the Appropriations Committee” so somebody else (Sigmund) is “resolving the situation quietly and between the school and Mr. Shooter”; who gives a *****? The man broke the laws the rest of us have to follow and I don’t give a dang if he is Pope. So far as Sigmund intervening on his behalf? Well they need to be dismissed as well. This could and would have escalated had he not noticed he was being taped and Sigmund pressuring the instructor is nothing more or less than interfering with a criminal prosecution.

  13. This jackass is lucky the teacher didn’t shoot him. Isn’t Arizona one of those “Yeehaaa!” states where anyone can carry a gun anywhere?

    “He was threatening me and the kids, after Newtown I didn’t want to take any chances. ”

    What a goon.

  14. My concern is that we are not getting the complete story…bullying is bullying and if a school does not do anything, and a teacher is part of the problem (and sorry folks, teachers are NOT saints)…some of them are people who didn’t know what to do with their lives when they left high school and thought teaching would be a nice job. There are some pretty strange and inappropriate “teachers” working in your public and charter schools. While there are many excellent teachers, a teaching degree does NOT make a teacher. And yes, bullying does exist and parents and grandparents have it up to their eyeballs over the lack of response from the teachers and the school administrators. So what ever happened, your knee jerk responses to incomplete reporting about a situation about which 99% of us know nothing are quite interesting. I would like to know the rest of the story. Who actually did what? And yes, Senator Shooter might have OVER reacted . . . but we don’t know the entire story either.

  15. So, if a gun-toting teacher shoots and kills a Republican politician in self defense of her students … does the universe implode?

  16. He just demonstrated what bullying is all about. The man needs to apologize to the teacher, his grandson, and the rest of the class. He terrorized that class.

  17. Jacksprat, Your comment is spot-on! Arizona is such a backwards state it’s disgusting. A handful of tyrants think they can do whatever they want. Until they get charged with the insane laws they write against the people, nothing will change.

  18. The teacher is milking this for all she can. She was scared? Then she certainly doesn’t belong in a continuing education high school setting.

    Not one of the snarky liberals above have bothered to ask “What would provoke a grandfather to this anger?”

    Teachers think they’re a protected class?

    There are 2 sides of every story; this teacher was so scared she had the presence of mind to record the event?

    I guess the folks here commenting would let a teacher bully or pick on their child or grandchild? Sounds like it.

  19. Non-Shooter constituents: pls contact YOUR elected (state) officials and ask that they DO something – expel Shooter for his conduct…or something. And DEMAND that they not let him retaliate against this school – or school district – by cutting their funding or something.

  20. The people he represent now know what a bully he is. This the type of person that believes that he is above all things. I seen him at Spragues Gun shop. Maybee we should take his weapons from him. He has no control of his anger. YPD should arrest him and let due process handle his outcome. Let his peers judge him in court. Like the saying goes give people time they will show there butt.

  21. The report does not state if Senator Shooter was this student’s legal guardian. If not, the school should not and can not discuss matters concerning the student with a third party. Also, no one, no matter how angry, has a right to interrupt a class and interfere with the learning of OTHER students. He should call the school, make an appointment, and follow the same procedures of the rest of us in America.

  22. Shirley, You seriously believe the teacher is at fault? Irrelevant!

    Shooter was completely out-of-line regardless of the circumstances. We should hold our elected officials to a higher standard and unless this guy lives under a rock with no possible means of knowing what occured in Connecticut, he SHOULD be arrested, God knows anyone one else would have been.

    It’s very disconcerting to think that Shooters position would entitle him to a get out of jail free card but hey, this is Yuma.

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