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Phoenix Chamber’s key election issues

GPCClogo1The primary election season is here and community members need to be involved in electing candidates who will continue moving Arizona forward.

We have great allies at the state Legislature who champion efforts that protect small business owners and help shape Arizona as a state where business can thrive. Serious issues require serious lawmakers who will do what’s right for Arizona, regardless of party registration.

As voters, it’s important for us to know the candidates running for office at all levels of government. Elections put progress at risk, while at the same time offering opportunities for improvement. It’s critical that we all be informed voters and know the candidates’ position on the issues prior to casting a ballot.

The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce supports candidates who we can partner with to move Arizona forward. Some of our key issues in recent years and moving forward include:

Education: We must remain committed to implementing higher standards in our K-12 education system. Without standards, how would parents, teachers and future employers know the strengths and challenges in our education system? Predictable skills are a vital piece of what the businesses community needs to confidently hire Arizona graduates.

Health Care: The cost of health care will continue to rise, and the business community supports efforts to minimize these increases. Many lawmakers helped to strengthen and stabilize Arizona’s health care system for all businesses by supporting the Governor Jan Brewer’s Medicaid Restoration Plan in 2013. This will continue to be a key issue for the business community, along with emphasizing free-market solutions, maintaining state control and reducing government regulation for a strong health care industry.

Infrastructure: The Arizona Comeback must include a focus on repairing and developing the state’s fundamental infrastructure systems such as roadways, transit systems and a secured water supply for the next century. Elected officials need to have the foresight to invest in long-term projects and plan for the state’s needs.

Regulation: The chamber supports efforts to streamline government, reduce the current regulatory burden where appropriate, and opposes new regulations that would unduly burden employers, preventing them from growing and creating new jobs.

Make it your priority to register and cast an informed vote in the primary election on August 26. Check your voter registration status and register to vote at: www.servicearizona.com.

Maricopa County voters can request early ballots online now at: recorder.maricopa.gov.

If you are not affiliated with any political party you can vote in the primary but you must request the political party ballot you wish to receive.

For several races across the state, the primary election is where candidates are chosen. Participating in the political process by voting is one of the best ways you can help shape Arizona’s future.

— Chad Heinrich is vice president of public affairs & economic development of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce.

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