Self-funding prevails in CD5 race

Jeremy Duda//July 18, 2016

Self-funding prevails in CD5 race

Jeremy Duda//July 18, 2016


The campaign coffers of all four Republicans vying for their party’s nomination in Arizona’s 5th Congressional District are swelling with the candidates’ personal funds.

Christine Jones leads the pack in both total fundraising and self-funding. The wealthy former GoDaddy executive hasn’t matched the whopping $5.5 million she spent out of her own pocket in the 2014 gubernatorial race, but dropped a hefty sum into the CD5 race nonetheless.

Jones loaned her campaign $400,000, which represents nearly all of her fundraising through the end of the second quarter on June 30. She raised only $16,000 from other contributors.

Former Maricopa County Supervisor Don Stapley had the most successful quarter of all CD5 hopefuls in terms of traditional fundraising, pulling in about $200,000 to go with $100,000 of his own money that he loaned his campaign during his first fundraising quarter.

Senate President Andy Biggs, who also self-funded to the tune of $100,000 during the first quarter of 2016, raised $153,000 during the second quarter of the year. In addition to his self-funding, Biggs raised another $100,000 in the first quarter, bringing his total fundraising haul to about $353,000.

Of the four candidates, he has raised the most from outside contributors, bringing in about a quarter million dollars since beginning his campaign in late February. He was the first candidate to jump into the CD5 race, launching his campaign minutes after Congressman Matt Salmon, who has endorsed him, announced that he wouldn’t seek reelection.

Like Biggs, Rep. Justin Olson pumped some of his own money into his campaign in the first quarter, loaning himself $70,000. In the second quarter, Olson raised only about $19,000 to go along with the nearly $15,000 he raised in the first quarter of 2016.

All told, Jones leads in total fundraising, thanks to her self-funding, with Biggs trailing not far behind. Jones has also spent the most, reporting $249,000 in expenditures through the end of June. Biggs, Olson and Stapley have all spent similar amounts, ranging from $100,000 and $116,000.