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Attorney General Mark Brnovich



Two years after winning a contentious primary election and cruising to victory in the general election in 2015, Mark Brnovich often finds himself in the midst of political stories, both big and small. That’s par for the course, as the Attorney General’s Office is regarded as one of the two offices (the other being the Secretary of State’s Office) most well-positioned to succeed as governor. But it’s his non-political work in the area of law enforcement and consumer protection and advocacy that is earning Brnovich a lot of praise. In addition to going after fraudsters and scammers, Brnovich has zeroed in on the opioid epidemic, busting suspected opioid rings and in a bold move, charging a major manufacturer of the drug of deceptive practices designed to reap profits at patients’ expense. His work is helping to elevate awareness of the crisis, which is plaguing Arizona and the rest of the country. “Mark Brnovich seems to almost have been born to handle law enforcement and putting away bad guys,” said political consultant Barrett Marson.

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