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Sen. Kate Brophy McGee

Kate Brophy-McGee

Kate Brophy-McGee

The question is: Which award or recognition has Sen. Kate Brophy McGee not snagged yet this year?

From the Arizona Assisted Living Federation of America’s Distinguished Legislator of the Year to a similar award from the Arizona Dental Hygienist Association, to a plaque in the shape of two hands forming a heart from the Amberly’s Place and the Arizona Children & Family Action Network, groups are grateful for her work.

Those awards also underscore the increasingly important role she plays in the Legislature.

As a centrist Republican, Brophy McGee, who joined the House in 2011 before moving to the Senate in 2016, is often the deciding vote on the most crucial pieces of legislation.

This year, for example, she was instrumental in wrapping up the legislative session at least a day earlier, and while that may seem unremarkable, it affirmed her status as a powerbroker behind the scenes, the person most sought out to get big things done.

Out of roughly 30 bills she sponsored this year, one-third became law. But it’s the bills benefiting children that keep her going. Indeed, Brophy McGee has a long history of advocating for kids, and in the last session, she succeeded in passing legislation, dubbed as Angel’s Law, to require a background check of all adults in a home before returning an abused or neglected child to that home.

As Brophy McGee said earlier, saving even just one child’s life would mean she has succeeded.

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