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The Breakdown: Must be campaign season


(Deposit Photos/Bizoon)

(Deposit Photos/Bizoon)

Two Arizona Supreme Court justices are being targeted amid accusations, without any supporting evidence, of a cozy relationship between the high court and the Ducey administration.

A Republican candidate wants to make lawmakers more accountable for conflicts of interest. But how would that impact Arizona’s citizen Legislature model of government?

And should a Republican lawmaker be credited for proposing charter school reforms in an election year?

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Music in this episode included “Creative Minds,” “Piano Moment” and “Energy” by Bensound.


  1. I think you’ve uploaded a blank podcast. After the beginning music I can’t hear anything.

  2. like they are being ‘picked on ‘ they would get more respect if they would hear cases that only they can rule on ! The judges are under Supreme court only (the judges not superior ,appeals court , etc, are under the AZ supreme ct so why deny hearing the CASE?????

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