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Joe Kubacki has been a strong, silent force at the Senate since 1995. Joe, the sergeant-at-arms, usually watches silently as the angry protestors, emotional witnesses, unruly visitors, unruly lawmakers, persistent journalists and more take to the courtyard and building. He’s stepped in at times to let some know when they’re about to step over the line and he’s calmed some who led the clamor. Former Arizona Capitol Times reporter Julia Shumway recounted how he spent six months blocking her from entering caucus meetings and escorting her out when she made it in, but he still gained her admiration. “He’s a consummate professional working in an increasingly strange environment, and I always saw him behave respectfully to everyone, from Senate leaders, to pages, to the sometimes emotional people who came to the capital to speak to committees or protest decisions,” Shumway said.

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