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Who’s got the juice?   (access required)

Arizona politics had been uprooted and turned upside down in the past year. New governor. New issues. New campaign season. So, who's got the "juice" - the influence - this year?

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The Pulse: Call it the Rose Mofford (access required)

No, nobody would be discussing it if the governor was a man. And yes, there's plenty of more important issues facing the state. But that hasn't stopped people from talking about Gov. Jan Brewer's hairdo, on display this week during her State of the State address.

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The Pulse: Governor’s race about to heat up (access required)

Northern Arizona businessman Buz Mills just dropped $2 million into a gubernatorial bid. Every pundit in town is preparing for the Terry Goddard administration. And Tucson attorney John Munger keeps talking up his fundraising abilities in his quest to be Arizona's chief executive.

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The Pulse: In New Year, let’s put aside clichés (access required)

A researcher in Scranton says about half of Americans who make New Year's resolutions keep them. Well, at least that's better than the percentage of politicians who keep their campaign promises. One recent poll found that only 4 percent of voters believe most politicians do what they promise once they're in office.

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The Pulse: Political predictions nutty as a fruitcake (access required)

I have a prediction for the New Year: Pretty much everyone's predictions for the New Year will be wrong. It's a bold position I'm taking, but after much thought I've come to the conclusion that I have about as much insight into the future of Arizona politics as Janeane Garofalo has about international relations. And just like that doesn't stop Garofalo from mouthing off - it doesn't stop us either.

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Most influential Arizonans of the decade (access required)

When Arizonans rang in the new millennium back in 2000, most knew next to nothing about a woman named Janet Napolitano. And while John McCain wasn't new to anyone in the Grand Canyon state, the rest of the country was just beginning to meet him.

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