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The McNary Railroad

Steam locomotive No. 36 runs on the old McNary Railroad in the White Mountains sometime in the 1960s.

This is steam locomotive No. 36 on the old McNary Railroad in the White Mountains. At the time of this photograph, the railroad had been converted to a scenic line that carried passengers from McNary to the logging town of Maverick, south of Baldy Peak, during the summer season. As many as 200,000 passengers made the trip during the years it was running.

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Hoover Dam Construction

Hoover Dam is pictured here in 1935, close to when the structure was complete.

This photograph of Hoover Dam was probably taken about 1935 when construction of the dam was almost complete. It took five years – from 1931 to 1936 – to build what was then the largest concrete dam in the world. It was built in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, in northwestern Arizona on the border with Nevada.

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Finding Mormon Lake

The post office and gas station at Mormon Lake, south of Flagstaff, is pictured in the 1940s.

This is the post office and gas station at the little community of Mormon Lake, south of Flagstaff. Behind the building you can see what should be the lake. At the time of this photo in the 1940s, the lake apparently was dry – a condition that would come and go depending on weather. At various times, the lake bed was full of native grasses and was prime rangeland; at other times it was planted with hay. When the lake was full, it was the largest natural body of water in the area and a prime spot for fishing and boating.

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The Lakes Mary

Lake Mary, March 1905

Lake Mary, a man-made body of water, was created less than a year after a dam was built in a shallow valley south of Flagstaff. Remnants of a temporary sawmill and living quarters can be seen in this March 1905 photograph of the lake, which measured half a mile wide, 6 miles long and 28 feet deep.

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The Sunrise Choir

The Arizona State Teachers College a capella choir performs at the Grand Canyon.

It was Easter of 1944 when the Arizona State Teachers College a capella choir, under the direction of Eldon Ardrey, stood at the chilly south rim of the Grand Canyon to perform in the annual Easter sunrise service and have this picture taken.

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The Peshlakai Family of Wupatki

The Peshlakai family with their Christmas tree at the Wupatki National Monument in 1935.

This photograph of a Christmas gathering was taken in 1935 on the grounds of the Wupatki National Monument north of Flagstaff. The family in the photograph is (from left) Sally Peshlakai, Etsidi Peshlakai (Sally’s father-in-law), Etsidi’s wife and their grandchildren.

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The Washington Elm

Daughters of the American Revolution plant a tree on the Arizona State College campus in Flagstaff.  Left to right:  Dr. Grady Gammage, Naomi Dinsmore, Katherine Ormond, Mrs.V.M. Slipher, Alma Acker Bunch, Mary Spencer, Bertha Kennedy and Mrs. Louis Benedic. The two other women are not identified.

On a rainy Wednesday, April 22, 1931, members of the Coconino Chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution gathered together with Dr. Grady Gammage, president of Arizona State College (now Northern Arizona University) to plant an elm tree in honor of the bicentennial of George Washington’s birth.

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