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Jim Covarrubias: Adorning hallways of the Senate (access required)

Cap Times Q&A

If you’ve ever wandered beyond the first floor of the Arizona Senate, you’ve likely seen the work of Jim Covarrubias, a Phoenix-based artist whose paintings have adorned the hallways of the second and third floors for more than a year. Covarrubias, whose downtown Phoenix studio is full to the brim of paintings, has a wide variety to choose from, and has curated and adjusted the work on display in the Senate over that time. He has plans to feature other artists as well, with a gallery planned for the walls outside Senate President Andy Biggs’ office, to be displayed as early as in May.

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Fate of the hidden museum

The Phoenix Bird Ascending is one of several art installations at Burton Barr Central Library.

As the Burton Barr Phoenix Central Library approaches its 20th anniversary, the potential and promise of an integrated curriculum of art and literature lie ahead with a renewed focus on the body of knowledge art is capable of contributing to the overall curriculum of the library.

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Tucson lawmaker: Career as artist provides flexibility and perspective for work at Capitol

TUCSON - "Life's too short for beige," Steve Farley said, standing in his backyard looking at the color palette he's painted his home: sandy peach, Easter-egg turquoise and a rich purple. But what stands out the most also happens to be what Farley does for a living: hundreds of painted ceramic tiles on the back of his house together form a two-story saguaro cactus in shades of green and gray.

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