Bureau of Land Management

Feb 6, 2012

Bill to protect Arizona State Parks revenue advances

A bill that would protect Arizona State Parks revenues from budget sweeps and allow the agency to use the money for operations took its first step Thursday in the state House.

Jan 18, 2012

Rural lawmaker seeks halt to state sweeping Arizona State Parks revenues

Arizona State Parks would be able to protect the revenue it raises from budget sweeps and use it for park operations under legislation proposed by a rural lawmaker.

Nov 29, 2011

Conservationists challenge mine near Grand Canyon

A federal judge's decision to allow a uranium mine to operate under an existing plan is being challenged.

Sep 29, 2011

Environmental groups press claims about Arizona Strip monuments

The federal government’s plan to manage two national monuments in the Arizona Strip doesn’t sufficiently protect the environment or endangered species, a group of conservation organizations told a judge Wednesday.

Jul 5, 2011

Gosar: private industry key to effective forest management

The congressman whose district includes the eastern part of the state that was scorched last month by the largest wildfire in Arizona history told state legislators partnerships between government and private industry are essential to properly manage forests.

Jun 3, 2011

Tempe exec says regs delay solar power on public land

Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service policies discourage the development of solar projects, an executive for Tempe-based First Solar told congressional lawmakers this week.

May 9, 2011

Federal plan to close land won’t end uranium mining near Grand Canyon

Deep within the canyon, a few miles removed from the mule trains of the popular Bright Angel Trail, Horn Creek creates a ribbon of green vegetation here before plunging toward the Colorado River.

But the handful of people allowed to camp in this splendid isolation receive a warning with their permits: Don’t drink the water when Horn Creek is flowing. It’s radioactive.

Apr 15, 2011

Changing scene along border leads to death, destruction — not protection

March 27 marked the one-year anniversary of Rob Krentz’s murder. The sadness of that date remains with us all, but perhaps we can say to Sue and her family, and even to Rob himself, that we haven’t just accepted his death. We have worked very hard, together, to try to prevent another one.

Apr 4, 2011

Southwest sees copper boom thanks to high prices

With prices high and backing in place from some of the world's largest mining companies, the hunt for copper in the American Southwest is experiencing a revival.

Mar 2, 2011

Meeting to discuss future of solar energy

A public meeting to put some light on the federal government's plan for developing solar energy is scheduled in Tucson Wednesday night.

Mar 1, 2011

BLM highlights three western Arizona sites as optimal for solar projects

A draft plan on the solar potential of federal land identifies three Arizona sites encompassing nearly 14,000 acres as highly suitable for energy development.

Oct 14, 2010

Supporters: Allowing land swaps would help preserve bases, aid conservation

Supporters say a ballot proposition designed to make it easier to swap rather than sell or lease state trust land would help faciliate agreements that preserve military installations.