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Draft bill of major water plan surfaces (access required)

Legislators are passing around a draft bill that would deliver Gov. Doug Ducey’s promised Arizona Water Authority – a new state agency charged with hunting down new water sources and buying water for the state.  The Legislature started soliciting feedback ...

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Drought plan implementation must emphasize sustainability

I recommend that the Water Augmentation Council comprise a broad and diverse representation of all stakeholders, including agricultural and climate scientists, public health professionals, and concerned citizens representing our state’s mainstream population, including parents, teachers, community leaders and – yes – our children.

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Cooperation is imperative to protect our water

Arizonans have a history of putting partisanship aside and finding common ground when it comes to resolving our water disputes. With vision and leadership, we have created a thriving economy and secured our water future. It has not been easy, requiring negotiation, cooperation and compromise every step of the way.

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