Proposition 400, Maricopa County, light rail
Jun 30, 2023

Prop. 400 reignites debate over light rail

While the likelihood of legislative action on Proposition 400 falls out of the realm of possibility, lawmakers, mayors and government organizations continue to face disagreement on the future of the Valley Metro light rail system. 

Wadsack, Kern, Arizona Freedom Caucus, Hobbs, lawmakers, MAGA, Republicans, Democrats, director nominations, Hobbs
Jun 26, 2023

Senate GOP halts nominee hearings in response to abortion order

Senate Republicans say they will not consider any of Gov. Katie Hobbs’ executive nominees until the governor agrees to meet with them to discuss her executive orders.

housing, Kaiser, Ponder, affordable homes, cities, towns
Jun 8, 2023

Kaiser, cities reach compromise on housing bills

Republican lawmakers and a lobbying group for Arizona cities and towns have reached a deal on legislation they say will address rising housing costs in the Valley and across the state.

court, trial, Hobbs, commission
May 25, 2023

Senate committee votes to hold Hobbs’ nominee to trial court commission

The state Senate Judiciary Committee voted along partisan lines to hold Gov. Katie Hobbs’ nominee to the Commission on Trial Court Appointments for Maricopa County after questioning veered into controversial topics like the transgender sports debate and the political affiliation of judicial nominees.  

light rail, transportation, recess, budget, housing, Hobbs, House, Senate, Tempe
May 18, 2023

Lawmakers take long break – key bills await action

The pressure is off state lawmakers after Gov. Katie Hobbs signed a $17.8 billion budget package and negotiations on critical housing and transportation issues will continue during a near month-long recess of the Legislature.

judges, JPR, judicial review
Apr 14, 2023

Taskforce proposes changes to evaluating judges

The Judicial Performance Review taskforce released its recommendations on changes to the evaluation process for the judges and justices subject to retention elections.

election, judges, retention, voters, ballots, Stephen M. Hopkins, Rusty Crandell, Benjamin Norris,Judge Howard Sukenic, Maricopa County Superior Court
Apr 12, 2023

Taskforce makes recommendations on changes to evaluation process for judges

The Judicial Performance Review taskforce released its recommendations on changes to the evaluation process for the judges and justices subject to retention elections.

water, groundwater, Kerr, Senate bill
Mar 30, 2023

Partial fix for build-to-rent loophole in the works, but more groundwater legislation stalled

Lawmakers are advancing bills that would tighten up some aspects of groundwater management in the state, but more ambitious groundwater proposals have stalled in the legislature so far this year.

court appointments, Court of Appeals, trial courts, appellate courts
Mar 9, 2023

Court nominees lean political – now favor Dems

For the first time in over a decade, Democrats outnumber Republicans on nomination lists for the trial and appellate courts. 

legislation, child sex dollars, Senate, House, Nguyen, Bliss
Jan 6, 2023

Fewer bills prefiled compared to previous years

The Arizona Legislature’s deadline to prefile bills is just days away and the number of bills that have been prefiled is set to be far fewer than last year. 

robocalls, election, text, HighGround
Nov 4, 2022

Hell on your cell: Arizonans got 50 million campaign robotexts this fall

It’s not just the elections that are heating up as the campaign season enters the final days – phones are heating up, too, with a torrent of political robocalls and robotexts. Almost 50 million political robotexts were sent to Arizona phones in September and October alone, according to the latest estimates by RoboKiller, a company […]

Victor, Masters, Kelly, Senate, election, election deniers, OH Predictive, Republicans, Democrats, New York Times, Richard Carmona, Sean Hannity Show, Libertarian, Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement
Nov 1, 2022

Libertarian drops out of Senate race, endorses Masters 

Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Marc Victor says he's dropping out of the Senate race and told his supporters to vote for Republican nominee Blake Masters.