federal workers, shutdown, Congress, Ciscomani
Oct 2, 2023

50,000 federal workers, military, in Arizona spared as shutdown averted

Congress approved a stopgap measure to keep the government open with just hours to spare Saturday night, heading off a shutdown that would have meant the loss of a paycheck for close to 50,000 federal workers and active-duty military in Arizona – and they’re not the only ones who would have felt the pinch.

gender affirming care, Hobbs, state employees, LGBTQ+
Oct 2, 2023

Judge rebuffs GOP leaders, signs order to permanently require Arizona to fund gender-affirming surgery for employees

Rebuffing Republican legislative leaders, a federal judge has signed an order to permanently require the state to pay for gender affirming surgery for its own and university employees and retirees.

alfalfa farm, Saudi Arabia, Arizona water, Mayes
Sep 30, 2023

State’s largest pension fund selling interest in company that owns farm growing alfalfa

The state's largest public pension fund is selling off its interest in a company that owns a 3,000-acre western Arizona farm that grows alfalfa to ship to the Middle East.

federal workers, government shutdown, Seiden, Border Patrol, Congress
Sep 29, 2023

50,000 federal workers, military, in Arizona wait, watch as shutdown looms

If Congress cannot head off a government shutdown before Sunday, it would mean the loss of a paycheck for close to 50,000 federal workers and active-duty military in Arizona – and they’re not the only ones to feel the pinch.

Grand Canyon, shutdown, federal government, state parks
Sep 28, 2023

Utah and Arizona will pay to keep national parks open if shutdown occurs

Arizona and Utah will keep the iconic national parks in those states open if a shutdown of the federal government threatens access to Arizona's orange-striped Grand Canyon and the sheer red cliffs of Utah's Zion Valley.

Lake, Senate, Trump, election
Sep 28, 2023

Lake will launch US Senate campaign in Arizona

Republican Kari Lake, a Donald Trump ally who has refused to acknowledge her loss in last year's race for Arizona governor, will soon launch her campaign for the U.S. Senate seat held by independent Kyrsten Sinema, a senior adviser said Thursday.

Sep 27, 2023

No one investigating lawmakers and staffers accepting event tickets

So far, no one is planning to investigate (or litigate) whether the acceptance of tickets to sporting events and concerts by Gov. Katie Hobbs’ staffers and lawmakers violates state law.  

clemency board, parole, vacancy, staffing shortage
Sep 27, 2023

Clemency board vacancy, staffing shortages raise concerns about due process 

A board member vacancy and staffing shortages at the Arizona Board of Executive Clemency have given way to concerns about adhering to due process timelines and adapting to any prospective legislative changes.  

Yee, Hobbs, governor, nominees, Senate Republicans
Sep 27, 2023

Yee refuses to recognize Hobbs’ ‘executive deputy directors’

The top elected Republican in Arizona is refusing to recognize the "executive deputy directors'' named by Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs. State Treasurer Kimberly Yee said she did not allow those tapped by the governor as heads of two state agencies to sit at a meeting this week of the State Board of Investment.

Hobbs, governor, X, Twitter, racketeering, false claims
Sep 26, 2023

Hobbs hasn’t been ‘indicted’ by Senate, contrary to viral claim

Social media users are falsely claiming that Arizona's governor has been "indicted" by local lawmakers.

Hobbs, Trump, director nominations, Senate
Sep 25, 2023

Hobbs attempts to avoid Senate confirmation process

After months of arguing with Senate Republicans, Gov. Katie Hobbs pulled the plug on their appointee confirmation process by reassigning her picks to lead state departments as “deputy directors.”  

shipping containers, lawsuits, Ducey, federal government, migrants, immigration, border
Sep 25, 2023

Fight over Arizona’s shipping container border wall ends with dismissal of federal lawsuits

Two federal lawsuits filed over former Gov. Doug Ducey's decision last year to place thousands of shipping containers along the U.S.-Mexico border have been dismissed after the state said it would pay the U.S. Forest Service $2.1 million to repair environmental damage.