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Farnsworth’s story of homelessness prompts Senate committee chair to pull Kavanagh’s proposal (access required)

Farnsworth, Kavanagh, Livingston, homeless, Phoenix, Seattle, mental illness, Senate committee, The Zone

A Republican state senator from Mesa's personal experience with mental illness and homelessness derailed a bid by another GOP lawmaker, this one a former cop, to make sleeping on a sidewalk a state crime. Sen. David Farnsworth's extended comments about his struggles led the chairman of a Senate committee to pull Republican Fountain Hills Sen. John Kavanagh's proposal from consideration during a hearing this past week.

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ACLU sues Phoenix over homeless ‘sweeps’  (access required)

homeless, ACLU, city of Phoenix, lawsuit, Point in Time, sweep, homeless camps

Frank Urban and Faith Kearns, who used to be unsheltered, are co-plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union and the Fund for Empowerment against the city of Phoenix, alleging constitutional violations and municipal liability for alleged “sweeps,” subsequent seizure of property and the use of city statutes, “criminalizing homelessness.”  

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Take care when sweeping property of unsheltered

These people living in the streets are our neighbors, and we have a duty to treat them like neighbors. Trash and waste can be thrown away. Things that are broken can be replaced. But human lives that are lost on the streets of our city cannot be brought back.

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