Interior Department

Sep 7, 2023

Congressional watchdog describes border wall harm, says agencies should work together to ease damage

The construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border under former President Donald Trump toppled untold numbers of saguaro cactuses in Arizona, put endangered ocelots at risk in Texas and disturbed Native American burial grounds, the official congressional watchdog said Thursday.

Biden, Grand Canyon National Park, national monument, Hopi, Baaj Nwaavjo I'tah Kukveni
Aug 8, 2023

Biden makes Grand Canyon monument designation, citing Arizona tribal heritage, climate concerns

Declaring it good "not only for Arizona but for the planet," President Joe Biden on Tuesday signed a national monument designation for the greater Grand Canyon, turning the decades-long visions of Native American tribes and environmentalists into reality.

Department of the Interior, Colorado River, resigns
Jul 12, 2023

Interior Department official with key role in Colorado River talks is stepping down

A senior Interior Department official who has had a key role in negotiations over the shrinking Colorado River plans to step down from the job next week.

Grand Canyon National Park, shuttle buses
Jul 6, 2023

Grand Canyon gets $27.5 million federal grant for greener shuttle buses

Grand Canyon National Park is getting $27.5 million in federal highway money to upgrade its aging fleet of shuttle buses, which help the more than 4 million people who visit each year get around the huge park.

Deb Haaland, Navajo,
Jun 12, 2023

Protest derails planned celebration of 20-year ban on oil drilling

It was supposed to be a homecoming of sorts for U.S. Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, after her agency spent many months hosting public meetings and talking with Native American leaders about curbing the pace of oil and gas development in the San Juan Basin and protecting culturally significant sites.

Navajo, San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe, House Natural Resources
Jun 8, 2023

Landless San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe could finally get its own homeland

It’s long past time for Congress to ratify the treaty so that San Juan Southern Paiute tribal members are no longer treated like strangers in their ancestral homeland, tribal President Johnny Lehi Jr. testified on June 7.

Native American boarding schools,Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, oral histories
Apr 27, 2023

Funding to support oral histories in boarding school era

The U.S. government is embarking on an effort to record the oral histories of survivors and descendants of boarding schools that sought to "civilize" Indigenous students, often through abusive practices.

Colorado River, drought, water cutbacks, Arizona, tribes, farmers
Apr 14, 2023

What might cuts to dwindling Colorado River mean for states?

The Biden administration floated two ideas this week to reduce water usage from the dwindling Colorado River, which supplies 40 million people.

Navajo Nation, Arizona, lawsuit, Colorado River
Mar 19, 2023

Supreme Court hears Navajo water rights case with potentially big impact

When the U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments Monday in Arizona v. Navajo Nation, it will be considering fairly technical legal questions, but the answers could have a large impact on water allocation in the Colorado River basin.

Udall, Congress, Interior Department, documentary, Arizona
Feb 20, 2023

Documentary film works to preserve the legacy of Arizonan Stewart Udall

John de Graaf says there was a time when a list of Arizona political icons would have included Barry Goldwater, John McCain and at least one other – Stewart Udall. But de Graaf worries that Udall, an Interior secretary widely recognized as the modern father of conservation, is being forgotten, a slight that he hopes to reverse with a recently released documentary.

Colorado River, Lake Powell, Lake Mead, conference, drought, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Flagstaff, Utah, water conservation, Colorado River Water Users Association, New Mexico, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah,
Dec 13, 2022

Colorado River water users convening amid crisis concerns

Living with less water in the U.S. Southwest is the focus this week for state and federal water administrators, tribal officials, farmers, academics and business representatives, including some from Arizona, meeting about the drought-stricken and overpromised Colorado River.

Biden, Indigenous, Washington, Native languages, National Native American Heritage Month, Interior Department, Covid
Nov 30, 2022

Biden pledges new commitments, respect for tribal nations

President Joe Biden on Wednesday pledged to give Native Americans a stronger voice in federal affairs, promising at the first in-person summit on tribal affairs in six years that he would foster "respect for Indigenous knowledge and tribal consultations" in government decision-making.