Senate, Arizona State University, free speech
Sep 15, 2023

ASU probe finds controversial speaking engagement revealed ‘no evidence’ of censorship

Arizona State University’s internal investigation into a controversial speaking engagement revealed “no evidence” of censorship by ASU faculty or administrators and found allegations by former director of the since shuttered host, the T.W. Lewis Center, were not “supported by the facts.”  

Horne, lawsuit, English language immersion, SEI, Mayes, Hobbs
Sep 7, 2023

Horne files suit to get court to rule schools not using ‘structured English immersion’ violating law

Hoping to force the issue, state schools chief Tom Horne filed suit late Wednesday to get a court to rule that any school that doesn't use "structured English immersion'' to teach students who are not proficient is violating the law.

Hobbs, vetoes
Aug 25, 2023

Hobbs vetoes record 143 GOP bills

Gov. Katie Hobbs vetoed a record number of bills this year – all from Republican lawmakers.  

court, trial, Hobbs, commission
May 25, 2023

Senate committee votes to hold Hobbs’ nominee to trial court commission

The state Senate Judiciary Committee voted along partisan lines to hold Gov. Katie Hobbs’ nominee to the Commission on Trial Court Appointments for Maricopa County after questioning veered into controversial topics like the transgender sports debate and the political affiliation of judicial nominees.  

Yuma County, water, drought, farmers, budget, Dunn
May 19, 2023

Irrigation efficiency program incentivizes farmers

Lawmakers funded a program that incentivizes Arizona farmers to reduce unsustainable irrigation practices with a $15.2 million general fund appropriation in the state budget. 

May 4, 2023

Bill keeps home addresses secret, impact unclear

Citing death threats, lawmakers passed a bill May 3 meant to seal their home addresses from the public if a judge agrees, but it’s not clear how the new legislation will work in practice or if anyone will still be able to check that lawmakers live in the districts they represent. 

pulsar manipulation device, gas stations, legislation, Kern, Senate
Apr 17, 2023

Bill would aim to stop electronic gas stealing, some lawmakers say it’s not needed

State lawmakers are moving to put a kibosh on one electronic method of stealing increasingly expensive gasoline, but not everyone is convinced that SB 1177 is needed, given that the theft of gasoline itself already is a crime.

ranked choice voting, Republicans, Democrats, Sarah Palin
Mar 24, 2023

Republicans aim to ban ranked choice voting

Legislative Republicans are working to outlaw ranked choice voting despite the fact the practice isn’t used in Arizona.

pulsar manipulation device, Kern, Senate, House, gas pumps, theft
Mar 24, 2023

Bill would upgrade charge of a device used for fuel theft

A bill that would upgrade the charge on the use of a pulsar manipulation device in a gas pump is advancing in the legislature. 

drag queens, Kern, Wadsack, Petersen, Mendez, Senate, bill, drag story hours
Mar 16, 2023

Republican senators approve measures aimed at shielding children from ‘drag shows’

Over the objections of Democrats, all 16 Republican state senators approved two measures Thursday that proponents say are designed to outlaw "drag shows'' that can be seen by children -- even as neither measure actually uses those words.

Wadsack, Kern, Smith, election, ranked-choice voting
Mar 16, 2023

Republican legislators announce formal opposition to ranked choice voting

The Arizona Freedom Caucus wants to preemptively prohibit any use of ranked choice voting to decide city, state, county or federal elections, Republican lawmakers in the caucus said Wednesday morning at a news conference in the state Senate building.

Kern, Senate, Ortiz, Kolodin, attorneys, judges
Mar 15, 2023

Kern’s bill would target judges who sanction attorneys

A Glendale state senator who calls reports of a riot on Jan. 6, 2021, "a sham'' is now going after judges who sanction attorneys for filing what he believes are "good faith'' claims on behalf of clients.