Oct 2, 2019

Arizona has much to gain with passage of USMCA

In short, the USMCA is important to the economic success of our state and its citizens. Our elected officials must do the right thing. Please join me and take a stand for Arizona and take a stand in support of the USMCA.

Sep 26, 2019

Local leaders agree, USMCA vital to Arizona economy

It is no secret that trade policy has been a major priority for U.S. policymakers, business owners and workers this summer.

Apr 23, 2019

Ducey: Immigration discussion needs to shift to Mexico’s southern border

Gov. Doug Ducey said Tuesday the United States should pressure Mexico to seal its own southern border to keep migrants from Central America from reaching our borders.

Dec 19, 2018

Ducey signs pipeline pact with New Mexico, Sonora

"This is just a way for us to work with our neighbors and promote binational trade,'' the governor said, pointing out that Sonora already is Arizona's largest trading partner.

Sonoran Gov. Claudia Pavlovich and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (Photo by Katie Campbell/Arizona Capitol Times)
Dec 22, 2017

Arizona-Mexico work to improve rapport while nations collide

Gov. Doug Ducey sees Arizona’s position as a border state as a benefit, not a liability, and his perspective is largely informed by economic realities.

Sep 14, 2017

Mexico, NAFTA top priorities for historic Arizona trade delegation

Trade with Mexico is a vital piece in growing our economy and brings with it employment for tens of thousands. As leaders focused on doing what’s best for Arizona businesses, we will continue to advocate for regular trade delegations to Mexico to foster constructive relationships and enhance pro-growth policies.

Aug 22, 2017

Trump lashes out at long, predictable list of foes in Phoenix rally

President Donald Trump disparaged the media, Democrats, Americans who want Confederate monuments taken down, “weak leaders,” his White House predecessor and a long list of other opponents at a rally in Phoenix tonight.

Former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico James Jones, left, and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey talk about the importance of U.S.-Mexico trade at a Woodrow Wilson Center event in Washington. (Photo by J.T. Lain/Cronkite News)
Aug 19, 2017

As Trump arrives in Phoenix, Arizona’s legislators are headed for Mexico on a trade mission

On the day President Donald Trump is scheduled to arrive in Phoenix next week, two dozen Arizona legislators will be leaving on a goodwill mission to Mexico.

Aug 10, 2017

Modernizing NAFTA will preserve benefits to Arizona consumers

The North American Free Trade Agreement has been a critical component to Arizona’s economic success over the last nearly 25 years. The deal between the U.S., Canada and Mexico has allowed businesses to boom and fueled tremendous job growth.

Former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico James Jones, left, and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey talk about the importance of U.S.-Mexico trade at a Woodrow Wilson Center event in Washington. (Photo by J.T. Lain/Cronkite News)
Jun 16, 2017

Ducey touts NAFTA, wants role in upcoming trade negotiations

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey told a U.S.-Mexico diplomacy conference June 14 that maintaining good trade between the countries is important, and he expects the state to have a “seat at the table” in any upcoming trade negotiations.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and Sonora, Mexico Gov. Claudia Pavlovich discuss trade and other border issues Friday at the annual meeting of the Arizona-Mexico Commission
Jun 3, 2017

Governors of Arizona and Sonora commit to strengthen ties despite Trump rhetoric

Donald Trump may be soliciting bids to build a wall along the border, but the governors of Arizona and Sonora are doing what they can to ensure there are doors and windows, at least figuratively speaking, to maintain the flow of goods, services and people.

Jun 1, 2017

NAFTA overhaul – Mexico is a trade partner, not competitor

We have less than 90 days to communicate to our federal elected officials in the U.S and in Mexico about the potential “modernization” of NAFTA. In a worst-case scenario, the erection of new trade barriers could disrupt key U.S. and Mexican industries for years to come and force consumers to pay more for big-ticket items.