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Mental health key to successful re-entry

I am optimistic that we can work together with community partners to raise the standard of mental health care and better support inmates when they are discharged. I also believe we can break the cycle of recidivism and stop treating mental illness as a crime.

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To lower crime, get people working

Last year, the legislature passed a bill that rewards probation officers who help reduce crime in their communities. The bill, HB2707, gives probation departments part of the savings when fewer people enter prison. I decided to lead on HB2707 because ...

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Arizona’s do-it-yourself justice system

With the top court’s blessing, state lawmakers stacked the deck against defendants with harsh, mandatory minimum sentences for conviction of drug- related and many other crimes. These laws tie the hands of judges but give prosecutors the power to threaten to indict a defendant for additional, related crimes in order to get a guilty plea.

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