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Jul 5, 2023

Report: Shifting to EV fleets would save state, local governments millions

Arizona governments could save almost $283 million over the next 10 years if roughly 20,000 gasoline-powered light-duty vehicles in their fleets that are due to be retired were replaced with electric vehicles, according a recent report.

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Apr 21, 2023

Bright future for EVs, renewable energy in Arizona 

The future looks bright for electric vehicles in Arizona, according to Court Rich, the co-founder, senior partner, and director of the Renewable Energy and Regulatory Law departments for the Rose Law Group in Scottsdale.  

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Mar 14, 2023

‘Where’s The River?’ event calls attention to Arizona’s depleted waterways

Environmental activist Lynda Person is inviting the public to bring kayaks and water toys to an informational event called “Where’s the River?” near 40th Street and University Drive today.

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Feb 24, 2023

Protect legacy of water conservation – reject SB1660

There is no sugar-coating it: Water supplies in Arizona are approaching crisis levels. We are at an inflection point in our history, where we must confront that the West’s reservoirs are sharply declining – and may never return to historic levels.  

Apr 27, 2022

Bill limiting electricity competition gets Ducey’s OK

On April 26, Ducey signed House Bill 2101, which repeals language passed in 1998 that was meant to increase competition in the electricity sector. 

Apr 12, 2022

Corp Comm rejects SRP natural gas proposal

The Corporation Commission turned down a proposal from Salt River Project to expand its natural gas generating station in Coolidge.

Apr 1, 2022

SRP’s baffling, costly natural gas expansion

Arizona residents who get their electricity from Salt River Project should be outraged at the utility’s proposal to expand its Coolidge Generating Station by adding — in utter defiance of the current energy market — 16 new natural gas generation units. 

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Mar 18, 2022

SRP doesn’t want customers to have a choice

We need to revamp our electricity system so customers are no longer held captive by the utilities.

Jan 31, 2022

Appeals court rules SRP liable for higher solar rooftop electric rates

A major Arizona utility’s can be held liable for violating antitrust laws through its policies of charging higher rates for electricity to its customers who choose to install rooftop solar panels, a federal appeals court ruled Monday. In a unanimous decision, a three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected arguments by Salt […]

Sep 30, 2021

Expand Coolidge Generating Station for reliability

Providing reliable, affordable and increasingly clean energy in today’s environment is complex. But one thing is clear – we need to keep power flowing when we need it most.  

Sep 16, 2021

Top 5 reasons why SRP should not expand Coolidge gas generating station

The Salt River Project District board is on the cusp of approving a nearly $900 million expansion of the Coolidge Generating Station, which burns natural gas. The lurking decision is wrong for SRP customers and for all Arizonans, for a variety of reasons. Here are the top five:

Sep 1, 2021

SRP $1B gas plan bad for consumers, environment

Last week, Salt River Project announced that it plans to spend nearly $1 billion to add 16 new natural gas units to its powerplant in Coolidge, one of the largest fossil fuel investments by a utility in recent memory. I served on the SRP board from 2016-2020, and this decision stunned me. It is wrong-headed, unnecessary, and out of step with where responsible electric utilities are moving in this[...]