transgender students, Horne, bathrooms
Sep 18, 2023

Advocates say Horne’s bathroom recommendation ‘others’ transgender students

Jessie Jordan, an 11-year-old at West Elementary School in Coolidge Unified School District, told her mom she wanted to be called a girl when she was 2 years old. Jessie now identifies as a binary gender, wears dresses, has long hair and can practically run a marathon in high heels, said Johanna Jordan, Jessie’s mother. But, when the fifth grader is at school, she uses the nurse’s bathroom, wh[...]

COVID, funds, schools, Horne, Coconino County, Boys & Girls Clubs of the Valley
Sep 1, 2023

Student and teacher mental health programming supported by Covid funds could be in limbo

Student and educator mental health programming supported by Covid grant relief funds may be in limbo after the Arizona Department of Education requested reports on the efficacy in remedying learning loss.  

Hobbs, Wadsack, Senate, governor, ESAs, vouchers
Aug 28, 2023

Wadsack, Hobbs disagree over meeting tied to vouchers

A member of the legislative Freedom Caucus is boasting that she's getting a meeting with Gov. Katie Hobbs, a meeting she said will let her explain to the governor the virtues of making vouchers of taxpayer dollars available to all parents so their children can attend private and parochial schools.

democracy, Second Amendment, guns, schools
Jul 14, 2023

Violence is being used to destroy democracy

The Second Amendment was originally written so that state militias could respond in defense of democracy if the government turned into a tyranny. Now the Second Amendment has been perverted to give individuals guns so they can overthrow the government and create a tyranny.

ESA, Horne, vendor, ClassWallet, debit cards
Jul 6, 2023

Want the facts about Arizona’s ESA program?

Allowing Arizona parents to choose the educational option that works best for their children is proving to be a highly popular policy. Rather than sharing hyperbole and rhetoric that undermines the choices families are making, the state’s policymakers would be wise to heed this truth and continue to plan responsibly.

classroom repairs, art programs, schools, Arizona, Hobbs, campus safety
Jun 30, 2023

Public schools will be inspected regularly, committee will update campuses for safety

Public schools across Arizona will be inspected regularly to make sure they meet minimum standards to educate students under a new executive order issued by Gov. Katie Hobbs. And in a separate order, the governor formed a committee to update those to 2023 levels to ensure the schools have what it takes to help protect students during a campus shooting.

Superior, Resolution Copper, mining, Native Americans, jobs,
Jun 29, 2023

Historic mining town backs copper project on land Native American groups say is sacred

Competing interests have ignited a tug of war between Superior, a town of about 3,000 people who want a huge copper mine built there for its economic benefits, and Native American groups that consider the land sacred and are fighting to protect it from disturbance.

Horne, ELL
Jun 22, 2023

Horne warns against teaching ELL in 50-50 model 

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne announced any school teaching English Language Learners in 50-50 dual language models are in violation of the law and are at risk of losing funding. 

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Jun 15, 2023

Attorney general engaging in ESA ‘witch hunt’   

It’s time for Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes to dial back the hyperbole aimed at tens of thousands of parents who participate in the Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) program. With scarce evidence, she recently claimed that the program has “no controls” and “no accountability” – this is far from the truth.   

Hobbs, governor, veto, sexually explicit materials, book ban, Hoffman, Horne
Jun 5, 2023

Veto of public porn or book banning?

Gov. Katie Hobbs vetoed a bill on Monday she said aimed to ban books, but the sponsor said it’s meant to ban the “practice” of filming pornography in public schools. 

emergencies, Hobbs, Bennett, Senate, governor, amendment
May 8, 2023

Senate considers measure to ask voters to approve constitutional change tied to emergencies

The state Senate was likely just a few minutes away from approving a measure last week that would ask Arizona voters to OK a constitutional amendment requiring the Legislature to reauthorize any state of emergency called by the governor every 30 days.

health insurance, Medicaid, Senate, Hobbs
May 3, 2023

Senate approves funding that Medicaid needs to pay bills

State lawmakers on Wednesday finally approved the funding that the state's Medicaid program needs to pay its current bills.