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Lake, Finchem, sanctions, attorney
Aug 1, 2023

Finchem drops bid to overturn election results for SOS

Concluding there's probably no legal path to victory, Mark Finchem is dropping his bid to overturn the 2022 race for secretary of state.

Lake, ballots, Maricopa County attorneys, election contest, ballot affidavit envelopes, public records
Jun 26, 2023

Judge declines to dismiss Lake’s bid for access to ballot affidavit envelopes

A Maricopa County superior court judge declined to dismiss Kari Lake’s public records bid for access to ballot affidavit envelopes today.

Lake, election contest, Maricopa County, trial, closing arguments, governor, signature verification
May 19, 2023

Lake’s attorneys argue more than 270k signatures county verified in less than three seconds

A judge heard closing arguments from counsel for failed gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, as well as Maricopa County, the Secretary of State and the governor on the signature verification count remanded by the Arizona Supreme Court.