snow melt, Colorado, Colorado River, drought
May 15, 2023

Where did the snow go? Researchers probe gap between snowfall, runoff

The Colorado River watershed stretches from Wyoming to Mexico, supplying cities like Phoenix and Los Angeles and sprawling fields that contribute to a multibillion-dollar farm economy. After two decades of drought and steady demand, accurate data on the amount of water entering the region’s dwindling supply is crucial for those who manage it.

Grand Canyon, Glen Canyon Dam, drought, snowmelt
Apr 28, 2023

Wet winter allows for rare ‘high-flow’ Lake Powell release to help river

An extra pulse of water was sent through the Grand Canyon this week, part of a Bureau of Reclamation “high-flow experiment” designed to move and redeposit sand and sediment from the Glen Canyon Dam in northern Arizona.

wildfires, Arizona, California, flames, firefighters, Hobbs, Ducey
Mar 27, 2023

Flowers, grasses from rain will turn deadly in wildfire season

That bumper crop of flowers and grasses from all that rain are going to turn from beautiful to deadly this coming wildfire season.

floodwaters, rescue, Camp Verde, Gila County Sheriff's officials
Mar 24, 2023

3 people die in Arizona after being caught in floodwaters

At least three people were found dead this week after their vehicles were swept away by floodwaters in Arizona, authorities said.

snow, drought, Colorado River,
Mar 7, 2023

Snowy winter may not mean enough runoff to replenish the Colorado

Recent data shows a snowy start to 2023 for the Colorado River basin, with heavy winter precipitation in the Rocky Mountains projected to boost spring runoff into Lake Powell to 117% of an average year’s flows.