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border, International Organization for Migration, Panama City, Costa Rica
Sep 29, 2023

As migration surges in Americas, ‘funds simply aren’t there’ for humanitarian response, UN says

Countries in the Americas are reeling as the flow of migrants reaches historic levels, but international "funds simply aren't there" for humanitarian needs, a United Nations official said.

Biden, immigration, U.S.-Mexico border, migrants
May 23, 2023

Biden leaning into global diplomacy to manage migration at US-Mexico border

On President Joe Biden 's first day in office, he handed Congress a legislative plan to modernize the nation's immigration system.

Spain, migrants, White House, Joe Biden
May 12, 2023

US-Spain collaboration on migration looms large as Biden, Sánchez hold White House talks

President Joe Biden and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez are set to hold talks Friday as their countries are collaborating along with Canada to establish migration hubs in Latin America where asylum seekers fleeing poverty and violence in their home countries can go to apply for protection.

capitol quotes
Jul 5, 2013

Top Quotes of the 2013 Session

The most outstanding quips, gibes and utterances from the 2013 Legislative Session.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer delivers her 2013 State of the State address. (Photo by Ryan Cook/RJ Cook Photography)
Apr 12, 2013

Predicting Brewer vetoes is difficult; reasons vary

Figuring out how to avoid Gov. Jan Brewer’s veto pen is a guessing game that leaves even some of the most seasoned veterans at the Capitol perplexed.

Many lawmakers and lobbyists say there are no hard and fast guidelines for avoiding a veto from a governor who vetoed 91 bills in her first four legislative sessions.

Mar 26, 2013

AIMS repeal headed to Governor’s desk

A bill to scrap the requirement that high school students pass the AIMS test is heading to the governor’s desk after being approved by the House on Tuesday during a heated debate.

Feb 18, 2013

Senate panel debates ‘seductive evils’ of U.N. sustainability doctrine

An Arizona Senate panel approved a bill that would prohibit the state or any local government within Arizona from abiding by the principles of a United Nations declaration on sustainable development.

“The truth contained within this United Nations program is something sinister and dark,” Burges testified to a round of applause in committee. “The plan calls for government to take cont[...]

Feb 6, 2013

Arizona legislators tone down their spirit of rebellion

For the most part, Arizona lawmakers appear to have stepped back from the trenches of the states’ rights issue after years of incessant fighting with the federal government.

McCain slams “dishonest” Carmona ad
Nov 14, 2012

McCain wants Watergate-style panel to probe Benghazi deaths

Sen. John McCain is calling for establishment of a Watergate-style congressional committee to investigate the deaths of four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens, at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

Apr 26, 2012

Bill aimed at stopping United Nations takeover of U.S. advances

The Arizona House of Representatives on Wednesday gave initial approval to a bill that some proponents say is aimed at stopping a United Nations conspiracy to take away the rights of American citizens. Critics say the bill is not only based on crackpot “one-world-order” theories, but that it would make valuable state programs illegal and take away the state’s authority to manage natural r[...]

Feb 20, 2012

House Dems: Tea party bills diverting attention from jobs, education

“Extremist” bills inspired by the tea party movement are taking the Legislature’s attention away from issues important to Arizonans, such as jobs, fixing schools and making government accountable, House Democratic leaders said Monday.

May 21, 2010

Invigorated conservatives take a hard right with legislation

When the dust settled on the 2008 elections, one thing was clear: The Legislature was about to get considerably more conservative.