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Will Arpaio take a side?

Rumors abound that Sheriff Joe Arpaio will give Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker his endorsement, and while the sheriff said he hasn’t made up his mind about the 2010 governor’s race, the two did meet at Arpaio’s 19th floor office in August.

Our reporter, in fact, was on his way out of Arpaio’s office when he met the PV mayor, who was on his way in. “He’d like to have my endorsement,” Arpaio said Tuesday. “Everybody running for everything is asking me for my endorsement.” But Arpaio is not a man who gives out his endorsement lightly, and he said he hasn’t yet decided who will get the sheriff’s stamp of approval. When asked by our reporter whether he would back Parker in the governor’s race, the discussion veered from the PV mayor to Arpaio himself, who took the initiative to say he had no plans to run for governor. He fully intends, he said, to run for reelection in 2012. “He’s a nice fellow but I haven’t made any decision who I will endorse for governor if I don’t run,” Arpaio said of Parker.

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