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GOP behind Quelland

Several sources from the District 10 Republicans said talks of looking for replacements for Rep. Doug Quelland have died off. The mustachioed lawmaker was absent from the party’s Monday night (Sept. 21) meeting, but he did have a LD10 Republican relay the message that the lawmaker “had hit a home run” during his testimony that occurred earlier in the day, said one source.

Sen. Linda Gray reportedly requested to know what constituted a trip around the bases for Quelland, but that inquiry produced no response. On a practical side, Quelland should have been at least able to reach base safely on Monday – he only fielded questions from his own attorney. The cross-examination of the representative didn’t occur until Tuesday (Sept. 22), when Judge Thomas Shedden, usually quite accommodating during hearings, directed Quelland to stop evading questions from Clean Elections attorney Jose Rivera.

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