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Williams, Jensen deny doing business with Desert Divas (access required)

A list of Desert Divas clients posted on Greg Patterson's website is authentic - we got our own copy from the Phoenix Police Department late this afternoon. It includes some notable names, including one matching prominent Arizona lobbyist Mike Williams.


  1. I’m not sure how justice or the public is served by publishing a list of names without any knowledge of whether they are legitimate. Unfortunate that the two people mentioned are being smeared and nothing has been gained.

  2. Charles Jensen was NOT in town on the dates shown in the Desert Divas documents. Here is the PROOF

  3. Interesting to see you here too, Tony GOPrano.

    Well then I’ll repost my same response to you!

    This is not conclusive proof by ANY stretch of the imagination. It’s full of more holes than swiss cheese.

    In fact, what is most striking to me is how certain receipts seem to be purposefully excluded from certain alleged prostitution encounter dates and not others.

    I do not know if Mr. Jensen is innocent or guilty, but the evidence provided certainly doesn’t prove his innocence.

    My analysis:

    1.) July 16, 2007 alleged prostitution service:
    a. No hotel or food receipts are provided to show Charles was out of state.
    b. It’s nothing more than an itinerary. Jensen very easily could have canceled this flight or never been on it but paid for it.

    CONCLUSION: Flimsy evidence at best.

    2.) Nov 27, 2007 alleged prostitution service
    a. Lots of food receipts, no hotel itinerary (info absent on other dates – ALL the day of or after alleged encounter)
    b. Time from 12:00 A.M. on 27th until flight time at 6 A.M. unaccounted for.

    CONCLUSION: Inconclusive: Jensen would have had plenty of time from midnight until his flight to arrange a liaison with a prostitute. These are the hours most likely for such an arrangement to occur.

    3.) Dec 13, 2007 alleged prostitution encounter
    a. No travel itinerary or food receipts are provided as proof.
    b. Hotel itinerary shows a summary of 12/11/07 – 12/14/07. At first glance this seems like conclusive proof that Mr. Jensen could not have been serviced by a prostitute on Dec 13 except that…
    b. Only 2 nights are shown payment for, the 11th and the 12th! So apparently Mr. Jensen cut his intended visit short and left on the 13th (notice there are no charges on the 14th).

    Conclusion: Very suspicious. The fact that Mr. Jensen seemingly cut his trip short and flew back to Phoenix on the same day the alleged prostitution encounter happened raises major red flags.

    The fact that this proof is presented in a way to mislead casual readers is alarming to me. It doesn’t mean Mr. Jensen is guilty of (allegedly) having sex with hookers. But Mr. Jensen better provide more evidence if he truly wants to exonerate himself.

    In the meantime, this flimsy evidence just makes me that much more suspicious…

  4. Nice try Ryan…oops I mean ‘Alexi’!!!

  5. Charles is a stand-up individual that has served the community for many years. No one has done more for the Republican Party in the state of Arizona than Charles. Politics on the Rocks is an amazing group and has brought the younger generation back into the party. He is innocent that is that.

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