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Arpaio bid for governor could sever Rose’s alliance with Parker

If Sheriff Joe Arpaio actually runs for governor (IF. IF. IF), prominent GOP consultant Jason Rose could find himself pulled in two directions. Rose is representing Vernon Parker. But Arpaio is also a client, and one that would stand a far better chance in a primary based on recent polling. But Rose tells Yellow Sheet that if the two Republicans end up in a primary together, his active support for Parker will cease.

“There is no more enthusiastic supporter of Vernon Parker than me,” Rose said. “He is the Republican’s best hope of defeating Terry Goddard.” But Rose said, “There is no scenario in which I would run a campaign against Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Sheriff Arpaio is a longtime friend and it would be inappropriate at best to even contemplate such a race.” Whether he would run a campaign against Parker, Rose wasn’t willing to say, calling that whole situation hypothetical. As of yesterday, Arpaio told Yellow Sheet: “I’m around for a long time as the sheriff, and I’m running again as sheriff unless I decide differently…. If the polls go up to 99% I may be forced to run for governor. I’m not quite there yet, but who knows?”

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