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Woods: Hayworth, KFYI violating law

Grant Woods filed a complaint today with the Federal Election Commission, accusing J.D. Hayworth and his employer, Clear Channel, of violating campaign finance laws.

In the complaint (which we received just before deadline), Woods submits that as a talk show host for KFYI, Hayworth receives as much as $540,000 a week in the form of in-kind contributions from Clear Channel while campaigning for U.S. Senate. Woods says even though Hayworth hasn’t announced his candidacy, he is clearly “testing the waters.”

“During the past few weeks, Mr. Hayworth has repeatedly used almost his entire allotted airtime to promote his candidacy,” Woods writes. “And Mr. Hayworth has stated his intention to continue to use this corporate subsidy to campaign during the coming months.” How does Woods arrive at $540,000? He actually cites an Arizona Guardian story, which says that a 30-second ad on Clear Channel costs $300. Woods multiplies that number by the length of Hayworth’s show, which comes to $540,000 a week.

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  1. Mr. Woods, with all due respect (which isn’t much) YOU ARE A MORON! Congressman Hayworth is not an announced candidate.

  2. Woods = Another unnecessary fly in the ointment. JD steps up at the right time to serve as Senator. McCain is symbolic of the RINOS in the party and is destined for defeat.

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