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Running for the Legislature or statewide office

Here’s a list of legislative and statewide office candidates in 2010.

The people on the list filed signatures with the Secretary of State’s Office by the deadline of 5 p.m. May 26. Their signatures still need to be verified to make the ballot in the Aug. 24 primary and Nov. 2 general elections.


Jan Brewer (R), incumbent
Terry Goddard (D)
Dean Martin (R)
Buz Mills (R)
Matthew Jette (R)
Alvin Yount (L)
Bruce Olsen (L)
Barry Hess (L)
Ron Cavanaugh (L)
Larry Gist (G)

Secretary of State
Ken Bennett (R), incumbent
Sam Wercinski (D)
Chris Deschene (D)

Attorney General
Tom Horne (R)
David Lujan (D)
Andy Thomas (R)
Felecia Rotellini (D)
Vince Rabago (D)

Andrei Cherny (D)
Thayer Verschoor (R)
Ted Carpenter (R)
Barbara Leff (R)
Doug Ducey (R)

Superintendent of Public Instruction
Jason Williams (D)
John Huppenthal (R)
Margaret Dugan (R)
Penny Kotterman (D)
Beth Price (R)

Mine Inspector
Joe Hart (R), incumbent
Manuel Cruz (D)

Corporation Commissioner
Gary Pierce (R), incumbent
Brenda Burns (R)
Barry Wong (R)
Jorge Garcia (D)
David Bradley (D)
Renz Jennings (D)


Senate District 1
Steve Pierce, Republican, incumbent
Robert Donahue, Democrat

Senate District 2
Sylvia Laughter, Democrat
Jack Jackson Jr., Democrat
Kee Allen Begay, Jr., Democrat
Gloria Hale-Showalter, Democrat

Senate District 3
Ron Gould, Republican, incumbent
Beth Weisser, Democrat

Senate District 4
Scott Bundgaard, Republican
Shawn Kohner, Republican
Sue Dolphin, Democrat
Tony Bouie, Republican

Senate District 5
Sylvia Allen, Republican, incumbent
Bill Konopnicki, Republican
Elaine Bohlmeyer, Democrat

Senate District 6
David Braswell, Republican, incumbent
Patricia Flickner, Democrat
Lori Klein, Republican

Senate District 7
Ray Barnes, Republican
Nancy Barto, Republican
Brad Neil Buch, Republican
Robert Green, Republican
Eric Shelley, Democrat

Senate District 8
Michele Reagan, Republican
Stuart Turnansky, Democrat

Senate District 9
Ricky Murphy, Republican
Sheri Van Horsen, Democrat
Michael John Patti, Libertarian

Senate District 10
Linda Gray, Republican, incumbent
Justin Johnson, Democrat

Senate District 11
Rich Davis, Republican
Adam Driggs, Republican
Rita Dickinson, Democrat
Andrew Smigielsky, Republican

Senate District 12
John Nelson, Republican, incumbent
Tyler Kissell, Democrat
Clark Silver, Republican
Evangeline Nunez, Republican
Michael White, Libertarian

Senate District 13
Steve Gallardo, Democrat

Senate District 14
Robert Meza, Democrat

Senate District 15
Kyrsten Sinema, Democrat
Bob Thomas, Republican

Senate District 16
Leah Landrum Taylor, Democrat, incumbent
Victor Jett Contreras, Democrat

Senate District 17
David Schapira, Democrat
Wendy Rogers, Republican
Garret Chartier-Dickie, Libertarian

Senate District 18
Russell Pearce, Republican, incumbent
Robert McDonald, Jr., Democrat
Andrea Garcia, Libertarian
Andrew Sherwood, Democrat

Senate District 19
Rich Crandall, Republican
James Molina, Republican

Senate District 20
John McComish, Republican*

Senate District 21
Steve Yarbrough, Republican

Senate District 22
Andy Biggs, Republican

Senate District 23
Rebecca Rios, Democrat, incumbent
Steve Smith, Republican
Matthew Byers, Republican

Senate District 24
Amanda Aguirre, Democrat, incumbent
Jack Kretzer, Libertarian

Senate District 25
Manny Alvarez, Democrat, incumbent
Craig Smith, Republican
Gail Griffin, Republican

Senate District 26
Al Melvin, Republican incumbent
Cheryl Cage, Democrat

Senate District 27
Olivia Cajero Bedford, Democrat

Senate District 28
Paula Aboud, Democrat, incumbent
Ted Downing, Independent
Dave Ewoldt, Independent

Senate District 29
Linda Lopez, Democrat, incumbent

Senate District 30
Todd Camenisch, Democrat
Marian McClure, Republican
Frank Antenori, Republican

House District 1
Noel Campbell, Republican
Andy Tobin, Republican, incumbent
Karen Fann, Republican
Lindsay Bell, Democrat

House District 2
Albert Tom, Democrat
Tom Chabin, Democrat, incumbent
Albert Hale, Democrat
Pat Carr, Democrat
Frank Mulligan , Libertarian

House District 3
Nancy McLain, Republican, incumbent
Doris Goodale, Republican, incumbent
Ray Cullison, Republican

House District 4
Judy Burges, Republican, incumbent
Jack Harper, Republican
Karina Guerrero, Democrat
Tim Zobel, Republican
Eric Sheats, Republican

House District 5
Brenda Barton, Republican
Prescott Winslow, Democrat
Bill Shumway, Democrat
Chester Crandell, Republican
Keith Alexander, Republican

House District 6
Carl Seel, Republican, incumbent
Amanda Reeve, Republican, incumbent
Steven Kaiser, Republican
John Adam Kowalski, Republican
Teri Conrad, Democrat
David Fitzgerald, Republican
Clint Van Wuffen, Republican
Rick Robinson, Republican

House District 7
Craig Barton, Republican
Peter Royers, Democrat
Michael Coskun, Republican
David Burnell Smith, Republican
Kristen Burroughs, Republican
Howard Sprague, Republican
Donald Chilton, Democrat
Heather Carter, Republican
Michael Farrar, Republican
Jim Iannuzo, Libertarian

House District 8
John Kavanagh, Republican, incumbent
Ray Mahoubi, Republican
Eric Ulis, Republican
John Kriekard, Democrat
Michael Blaire, Republican
Paula Anne Pennypacker, Republican
Michelle Ugenti, Republican

House District 9
Debbie Lesko, Republican, incumbent
Diane Douglas, Republican
Rick Gray, Republican
Shirley McAllister, Democrat

House District 10
Aaron Jahneke, Democrat
Jim Weiers, Republican, incumbent
Doug Quelland, Republican, incumbent
Bill Adams, Republican
Jackie Thrasher, Democrat
Kimberly Yee, Republican

House District 11
Eric Meyer, Democrat, incumbent
Beverly Kraft, Republican
Dusti Morris, Republican
Kate Brophy McGee, Republican
Shawnna Bolick, Republican
Eric West, Republican

House District 12
Jerry Weiers, Republican, incumbent
Steve Montenegro, Republican, incumbent
Angela Cotera, Democrat
Justin Dahl, Green

House District 13
Anna Tovar, Democrat, incumbent
Martin Quezada, Democrat
Richard Miranda, Democrat

House District 14
Chad Campbell, Democrat, incumbent
Debbie McCune Davis, Democrat

House District 15
Katie Hobbs, Democrat
Lela Alston, Democrat
Ken Clark, Democrat
Caroline Condit, Republican
Dean Yoder, Republican
Luisa Valdez, Green
Les White, Independent

House District 16
Catherine Miranda, Democrat
Cloves Campbell Jr., Democrat, incumbent*
Jimmie Munoz Jr., Democrat
Cristy Lopez, Democrat
Robert Gular, Republican
Ruben Gallego, Democrat
Sandra Gonzalez, Democrat
Angel Torres, Green

House District 17
Ed Ableser, Democrat, incumbent
Augustus Shaw IV, Republican
Ben Arredondo, Democrat
Donald Hawker, Republican
Gregor Knauer, Green
Anthony Goshorn, Green

House District 18
Cecil Ash, Republican, incumbent
Steve Court, Republican, incumbent
Michael Conway, Democrat
Chris Will, Libertarian

House District 19
Kirk Adams, Republican, incumbent
Scott Perkinson, Republican
Kit Filbey, Democrat
Justin Olson, Republican

House District 20
Rae Waters, Democrat, incumbent
Christopher Tolino, Republican
Bob Robson, Republican
Jeff Dial, Republican

House District 21
Tom Forese, Republican
Venessa Whitener, Republican
J.D. Mesnard, Republican
Sharon Spane, Democrat
Linda Macias, Green

House District 22
Laurin Hendrix, Republican, incumbent
Steve Urie, Republican
Kelly Townsend, Republican
Paul Howell, Republican
Brett Petillo, Republican
Eddie Farnsworth, Republican

House District 23
Ernest Bustamante, Democrat
Frank Pratt, Republican, incumbent
Barbara McGuire, Democrat, incumbent
John Fillmore, Republican
Ralph Varela, Democrat

House District 24
Lynne Pancrazi, Democrat, incumbent
Russ Jones, Republican, incumbent
John Weil, Democrat

House District 25
Ken Davis, Democrat
David Stevens, Republican, incumbent
Pat Fleming, Democrat, incumbent
Ruben Ortega, Democrat

House District 26
Nancy Young Wright, Democrat, incumbent
Vic Williams, Republican, incumbent
Terri Proud, Republican
Wade McLean, Republican
William Wallace, Democrat

House District 27
John Bernal, Democrat
Bob Gilby, Democrat
Sami Hamed, Democrat
Dustin Cox, Democrat
Robert Compton, Republican
Sally Ann Gonzales, Democrat
Eric Carbajal Bustamante, Democrat
Marcario Saldate, Democrat
John Kromko, Democrat
Kent Solberg, Green
Gene Chewing, Independent

House District 28
Steve Farley, Democrat, incumbent
Ted Prezelski, Democrat
Mohur Sidhwa, Democrat
Tim Sultan, Democrat
Ken Smalley, Republican
Bruce Wheeler, Democrat
Greg Krino, Republican

House District 29
Pat Kilburn, Republican
Matt Heinz, Democrat, incumbent
Daniel Patterson, Democrat, incumbent

House District 30
David Gowan, Republican, incumbent
Andrea Dalessandro, Democrat
Doug Sposito, Republican
Kurt Knurr, Republican
Brian Robert Abbott, Republican
Parralee Schneider, Republican
Ted Vogt, Republican


  1. Thanks for the interesting and informative post. I enjoyed reading it and look forward to more in the future.

  2. I am a write in candidate in the Libertarian Party for Senate in LD 19.

    I hope all Libertarians in LD 19 will write my name in.

    William Munsil
    Mesa AZ

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