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Governor’s ’emergency’ meeting too little, too late (access required)

People who watched television news this weekend might be confused into thinking that Monday’s “emergency” meeting of Governor’s Office policy advisers is significant – as if some sort of budget solution will emerge now that the governor has gotten serious.


  1. Thanks. Well said. She is a party-hack and unsuited to the job she inherited. Janet left a budget which no one would even look at. No, these boys (and girls) had better ideas. Well, we’ve seen how that panned out. Eliminate term limits and restore some experience to this part-time, clambake called a legislature in a po-dunk state.

  2. Clean House and the Senate too in the 2010 elections…send these ideological whackjobs home so they can contemplate why they chose to support unelected D.C. nutcase Grover Norquist rather than the citizens of Arizona. Pitiful bunch of neanderthals.

  3. Well, the same party has controlled the state legislature since Barry Goldwater’s in-state coattails carried them into power in the 1964 elections.

    If you like the result of 45 years of Republican rule, you can vote for them again. If you don’t, then don’t vote for them.

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