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Panel OKs bill to track illegal immigrant students

A House panel has approved a bill that would require schools to annually report how many illegal immigrants are enrolled and how much it costs to educate them.

Under the bill, H2382, the Arizona Department of Education would be required to collect data on public school students who cannot prove their lawful presence in the United States. That data would be compiled into a report that would be submitted every year to the governor, the Legislature and the state treasurer.

Included in the report would be the number of illegal immigrant students, the number of teachers required to educate them, the cost of those teachers’ salaries and a “good-faith estimate” of the total cost to educate those students.

The bill, sponsored by Phoenix Republican Rep. Carl Seel, was approved by the House Government Committee by a 6-2 vote on Feb. 23.


  1. What a great idea. Now we can put all the teachers on the ICE payroll and save all that money.

  2. More admin to drive up the Admin to teacher Ratio?

    So we have 100,00 (10%) students who cannot prove they are here legally. Using the $10,000 number yields $1B? Now what bar the school house door to keep students who cannot prove they are here legally? The supreme court has already rulled against us. Plyer vs. Doe. Then what bring in the Army? (Can we say Arkansas?) And we want to bring High Tech companies to Arizona?

  3. It’s time to test Plyler v. Doe once again. When the Justice Department gets involved the state in question can publicize it’s rationale, i.e. costs to the actual citizens and expose the inanity of the injustice to the people to pay the costs of people who should not be in this country. The BO administration will take the bait and expose their progressive and pro-illegal alien agenda. The state will appeal to the court of public opinion and any victory by the JD will be Pyrrhic. Making the people pay to aid and abet illegal immigrants won’t pass the smell test to a public that already has high unemployment and faced with the BO tax and spend agenda.

  4. Way to go Arizona House! Thank you for representing your actual constiuents! Keep up the great work!

  5. I am glad Arizona is doing something to stop the illegal immigrants population. I hope that they don’t come to California looking for work and schools and just head back to Mexico.

    All Mexicans Americans should cooperate with law eforcement if stopped and questioned about legal status. If they have nothing to hide then they should have nothing to worry about.

  6. In America we can choose to import our food or workers to supply our food. Right now we are choosing the second option.

  7. Martha in Florida

    To the good people of the great state of Arizona who have the courage to stand up for America and the rule of law against the invasion of illegal immigrants coming across the US border, the good people of Florida..THANK YOU!!

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