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Capitol Quotes: April 9, 2010

“The bill is being pulled from the agenda in a couple of minutes. The
proponents never had the votes for this.” – Sen. Jack Harper, chairman
of the Senate Finance Committee, on why a payday industry-supported
strike-everything amendment was deleted from the committee agenda.

“It means the sunset date is going to arrive, and the payday statutes
are going to evaporate.” – Lee Miller, lobbyist for the payday industry.

“We’re still not all on the same page on that bill.” – Senate
President Bob Burns said, referring to ongoing talks between House and
Senate Republicans on H2250, the so-called “jobs bill.”

“This economic downturn gave the radicals the excuse they were looking
for to do what they’ve wanted to do for years – slash funding for our
public schools. That won’t happen on my watch.” – Attorney General
Terry Goddard, during his April 5 announcement of his candidacy for

“Great chefs don’t always share all of the ingredients of their secret
sauce, my friend.” – PR consultant Jason Rose, being coy about Andrew
Thomas’ possible plans to a run traditionally funded campaign for
attorney general if matching funds are not available through Clean

“Them saying I’m not a conservative has about as much credibility as
them saying those four judges (accused by Andrew Thomas) were guilty
of bribery and extortion.” – Tom Horne, commenting on the assertion by
his Republican opponent Andrew Thomas that Horne lacks conservative

“When you think of Tom Horne, do you really think of him going out and
kicking illegal immigrants in the ass or anything? No, you really
don’t.” – Pollster Bruce Merrill, commenting on whether illegal
immigration will be a factor in the attorney general race between
Republicans Tom Horne and Andrew Thomas.

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