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Capitol Quotes: Sept. 29, 2010

“The bottom line for us is we’re going about our normal course of business and not being interrupted by the Legislature putting us on the ballot for elimination.” — First Things First Executive Director Rhian Allvin, on the agency’s plans to continue awarding grants while it awaits a public vote on Proposition 302.

“It’s money that Russell Pearce and John Kavanagh are salivating over, and the same thing is true for the open-space money. I don’t know that I necessarily want the money to get into their grubby hands.” — Sen. Carolyn Allen, on Prop. 302.

“Never in my political career have I seen candidates praise a poll where they are … behind.” — Brewer campaign spokesman Doug Cole, on a poll showing Terry Goddard trailing the governor by 7 points, as opposed to the double-digit leads most polls have given her.

“The $80 million is the biggest misspending of restricted funds in the history of Arizona.” — Thomas Irvine, attorney for the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, referring to the estimated amount of money the sheriff illegally spent from a fund devoted to jail operations and construction.

“Hello pot, I’m kettle.” — Sandy Bahr, of the Sierra Club’s Grand Canyon Chapter, on the NRA’s argument that Prop. 109 will prevent national activist groups from coming to Arizona to push their agenda.

‘Ballot or no ballot, the money should be going to kids instead of blowing your own horn.’ — Rep. John Kavanagh, on a public relations campaign funded by First Things First.

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