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Capitol Quotes: Oct. 1, 2010

“If they are encouraging you and giving you referrals to where you can go kill a baby, that’s abortion, and it will not be funded with taxpayer dollars according to Arizona (law), and this group appears to be doing that.” — Sen. Russell Pearce, author of SB1070, who suggested in an e-mail that First Things First money is paying for services for illegal immigrants and abortion

“The abortion funding and illegal alien references are just plain fiction. I hope you’ll think about holding him accountable for such statements. I feel like a tattletale, but this is simply off the charts.” — David Leibowitz, spokesperson for the campaign to support the continuation of the early childhood agency First Things First.

“There are probably going to be people who tell you that they do know, and as much as anything they’re expressing wishful thinking or they’re trying to tempt the gods, so to speak.” — Consultant Tony Sissons, a redistricting expert, on predictions about where Arizona’s next congressional district will be.

“It’s all sort of political theater — help, help, help, we’re under attack.” — Attorney Dan Barr, an opponent of SB1070, commenting on a border sheriffs defense fund he said is completely unnecessary because the Governor’s Office is leading the defense.

“I think it’s no different than any other group that represents the interests and views of a lot of people.” — GOP consultant Sean McCaffrey, on the anti-illegal immigration group he founded, Ban Amnesty Now.

“My political career is I’m going to leave politics to the politicians.” — Former gubernatorial candidate Buz Mills.

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