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Capitol Quotes: Oct. 29, 2010

“In aggregate, I would give term limits a net minus, but I don’t attribute every ill that we have to term limits. They’re not responsible for 110 degrees in July.” — Kevin McCarthy, president of the Arizona Tax Research Association, talking about the movement to repeal term limits for politicians.

“I don’t see doing away with term limits in Arizona. What I mostly hear is people saying we’ve got to figure out a way to make it happen in D.C. Whoever takes on that battle, they’ve got a helluva lot more time than I do.” — Jim Haynes, a pollster with the Behavior Research Center, explaining that the public generally supports term limits.

“I know a lot of his ideals… We’re very much similar in that way. I didn’t get involved in his politics, but we would always talk about everything.” — Maria Garcia, widow of the late Senate Minority Leader Jorge Garcia. Mrs. Garcia is interested in finishing her husband’s term.

“That obviously doesn’t do me any good.” — Republican AG candidate Tom Horne, on the possibility that an independent expenditure committee running ads against him could be fined $1.8 million. A judge denied his request to halt the ads.

“That is for you all to determine.” — Oliver Schwab, David Schweikert’s campaign manager, when asked what proof he had to back up his claim that a person caught by police taking down Schweikert signs was tied to his opponent, Congressman Harry Mitchell. The suspect was later shown to have no ties to Mitchell.

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