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Capitol Quotes: Dec. 3, 2010

“My daughters were very disappointed, and I told them the lesson they should take from this is the only way to avoid disappointment is not to move forward in life or take any risks.” — Judge Ann Scott Timmer of the Arizona Court of Appeals, commenting on the disappointment of not getting appointed to the Arizona Supreme Court for the third time.

“Don’t make up a story here. Don’t be giving credit to a pandering crybaby.” — Senate President-elect Russell Pearce commenting on Sen.-elect John McComish’s complaints about committee assignments.

“I’m used to a large field.” — Former Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker, on the growing field of candidates for state GOP chairman.

“A lot of times when Marty’s out there swinging in the breeze about some issue that pisses off legislators, the utilities get creamed.” — SRP lobbyist Russell Smoldon, on Marty Shultz’s career at APS.

“There are many places in the system where you can add extra voters in the process.” — Norris Nordvold, explaining his experience in monitoring a parliamentary election Nov. 7 in Azerbaijan.

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