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Capitol Quotes: Jan. 7, 2011

“Whether I endorse somebody or not probably doesn’t mean a damn thing anymore.” — Clark Dierks, whose term as Coconino County GOP chairman just ended, commenting on the confusion over which candidate he was endorsing in the state party chairman’s race.

“Though I have nothing against our current system of succession for the secretary of state to become governor, I can tell you from experience that there’s nothing like an election to make the office feel a whole lot better.” — Gov. Jan Brewer, in her Jan. 3 inauguration speech. Brewer, who succeeded to the office in 2009, was once a staunch opponent of the secretary of state being first in line of succession.

“It gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘grassy knoll’.” — Joe Yuhas, a lobbyist for the Arizona Medical Marijuana Association (AzMMA), denying charges that his group colluded with the state Department of Health Services to draft rules for the medical marijuana program in a way that excludes small-scale investors from obtaining a license to grow pot.

“If you’re eating and you’ve got both hands on your burger instead of the wheel and you’re weaving, you can get pulled over.” — Rep. Steve Farley, a Democrat from Tucson, who will try again to ban texting while driving as part of a more comprehensive distracted-driving bill.

“I told you if President (Russell) Pearce didn’t run it I was going to run it.” — Sen. Ron Gould, a Lake Havasu City Republican, who will introduce the legislation to challenge the interpretation of the 14th Amendment.

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