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Capitol Quotes: Jan. 14, 2011

‘Tragedy and terror sometimes come from the shadows — and steal our joy and take away our peace.’ — Gov. Jan Brewer

“I’m speaking about myself, too. I have a lot of passion. I do not speak hate. I do not incite towards violence or hate. But I am willing to tone down the volume of rhetoric and ask the others to tone it down, too.” — Sen. Paula Aboud, a Tucson Democrat, who called for more civility in the political discourse.

“It was like a fire hose of information for the first couple weeks. About three weeks in, I really had an epiphany.” — Rep. Carl Seel on the learning curve for his freshman term.

“I will never say anything hateful or hurtful again about somebody else who I have a disagreement with because we must break this mold.” — Democratic Rep. Steve Farley, of Tucson.

“I do think that there are ‘before’ and ‘after’ moments, and this was one of those events.” — House Speaker Kirk Adams.

“It would be surrendering to madness to not continue with the affairs of state after a respectable respite.” — Rep. John Kavanagh, when asked whether the Legislature would move forward with a bill to allow college faculty to carry guns on campus.

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