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Capitol Quotes: March 4, 2011

“We have passed four abortion bills. That, LoJacking the uterus, is absolutely the most nanny-state thing that you can do.” — House Minority Whip Matt Heinz, on criticisms that some Democrats’ bills represent a “nanny state.”

“You’d see Arizona State do the very best under that system. I think you’d see the University of Arizona relegated to a lesser tier … and I think you’d see NAU fold up.” — Regent Ernest Calderon, on a proposal to replace the Board of Regents with an independent board of trustees for each university.

“It was a blink of sanity that happened.” — Sen. Paula Aboud, D-Tucson, referring to the Senate’s decision to reject a bill creating a committee tasked to review and recommend the nullification of federal laws. However the next day, the Senate revived the bill.

“If somebody is sitting behind us with a gun, let’s be honest: The only thing that’s going to protect us is [Sen. Lori] Klein.” — Sen. Steve Gallardo, D-Phoenix, during the March 2 debate of a bill that would allow guns to be carried in government buildings, referring to a colleague who carries a concealed pistol.

“I suspect that it’s probably a lot more than just Senator Klein.” — Sen. Rick Murphy, R-Glendale, in response to Gallardo.

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