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Capitol Quotes: March 25, 2011

“They’ve brought their plan very late. It’s one huge gimmick. I don’t know that it’s feeling a lot of love over here.” — Sen. Andy Biggs, on the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association’s proposal to fund AHCCCS through a bed tax.

“That is moral relativism at its finest.” — Sen. Andy Biggs, on Rep. Catherine Miranda’s opposition to SB1222, his bill that would deny public housing benefits to illegal immigrants and evict anyone who allowed an illegal immigrant to live in their public housing.

“I’m the guy who made it happen.” — Sen. Russell Pearce on Chief Justice Rebecca White Berch’s touting that the court was responsible for the deportation of 12,000 illegal immigrants who were on probation.

“If there’s a guy in southern Arizona that can run to the right of me, I defy you to find him.” — Sen. Frank Antenori, R-Tucson, defending his conservative credentials amid his “no” votes on the birthright bills.

‘I am finally a senator because I’ve just had the House kill my first bill.’ — Sen. Michele Reagan, after the House Commerce Committee voted down SB1309, her bill to provide relief to homeowners facing foreclosure.

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