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Pearce releases documents showing Fiesta Bowl ticket payment

Senate Pres. Russell Pearce, seen here at the statewide Jan. 3 inauguration (Photo by Evan Wyloge/Arizona Capitol Times)

Senate President Russell Pearce (Photo by Evan Wyloge/Arizona Capitol Times)

Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce is releasing documents that he says show a “clear pattern of compliance” with state laws restricting acceptance of gifts and of making reimbursements to the Fiesta Bowl for game tickets.

Pearce on Thursday provided The Associated Press with copies of four canceled checks totaling $570 that he says show he reimbursed the bowl or its lobbyist for game tickets.

He says in a three-page statement that he pressed for additional invoices for costs of tickets he was provided but the bowl didn’t provide them.

And Pearce says he has recently learned that a $4,060 ticket purchase that the Fiesta Bowl has said was made on his behalf was actually done for his son and his son’s friends.

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  1. This story is deeply flawed. The question is “did he write the checks after he got caught or did he find checks he wrote contemporaneously with the gifts?” Really poor reporting if you ask me.

  2. Pearce is still dodging the issue. By releasing the info to AP-he avoids local media’s questions? Where is the payments for the rest of the money? There was at least 70.000 spent on Pearce in trips, etc… Granted-some was legal but was it ethical? Was it what Russell Pearce’s supporters expected? Is taking big Corporate money and expensive free trips what the Tea Party is all about? Pearce has been caught lying about his past associations with local neo-Nazi members and supporters. He’s lied about his criminal record and illegal activity at the DMV. He was fired and was lucky he was not prosecuted. Pearce wants to be able to bully the media. Don’t let him.

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