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Arpaio is dangerous and needs to go

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is dangerous. He needs to go.

Arpaio’s suggestion that he knew nothing of the gross mismanagement by his underlings like Dave Henderschott is not credible. Arpaio surrounds himself with sycophants like Henderschott who share Arpaio’s disdain for anyone who would criticize the office. Arpaio cannot now distance himself from these decisions.

I am a lifelong Republican and I voted for Arpaio once (maybe twice; I can’t remember for sure) because I admired his tough-on-crime attitude (especially the pink underwear and the bologna sandwiches). I also worked for several years in the Wells Fargo building where Arpaio has his offices and I used to see him frequently as we both traveled to and from our respective offices. My opinion was that he was probably the most unpleasant and arrogant elected official I have ever encountered.

But arrogance is not a sufficient reason to dethrone him.

That feeling on my part came about as he began to attack fellow politicians and judges who criticized him. And when he conspired with then-Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas to “get” the Phoenix New Times management by arresting them at their homes in the middle of the night, I felt like Maricopa County was headed toward a Nazi Germany kind of environment.

Arpaio’s recent mealy-mouth comments regarding his subordinate’s mismanagement is the last straw. We have had enough of this. Sheriff Joe needs to go.

— Roy Miller, Phoenix


  1. Arpaio will not leave office now.
    He will leave office only when he is ready.
    Arpaio, is a very strong man, not only physically,
    but emotionally.
    Thank God he is in office now. We are undergoing a monumental
    challenge to our public safety. Our very existence as a law abiding
    constitutionality is at stake.
    Arpiao sends an unmistakable message to law breaking illegal aliens.
    You cannot and will not come into Maricopa County and take up residence.

    Thank you Joe for having the fortitude, intelligence, and strength to
    stop those who come into our county illegally. Some of which, are
    only coming here to wreak havoc by attending our schools, taking jobs
    away from citizens, using our limited health care, overcrowding the jails
    and prisons.

    Joe Arpaio, a man with a mission.

    Good will always triumph over evil, now more than ever.

    Kathryn Kobor

  2. Some of you were impressed by Arpaio’s stance on law enforcement and his actions spoke loud and “pink” against criminals in the jail system. Today, Arpaio has neglected the enforcement of criminals who prey on the most vulnerable..American children.. by not enforcing or seeking enforcement of those laws and the protection of our children. Yes, he has been so focused on the illegal immigration element that he forgot the rest of us and our children and mismanaged $99M of our taxpayer dollars. You believe he has done a good job. You must be kidding! We can hire someone who really can enforce and protect the safety of citizens for far less than the $99M he misappropriated. Get a life people!

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