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Brewer was right to veto health insurance bill

I suspected Gov. Jan Brewer would veto SB1593 and applaud her for doing so.

This bill was yet another example of a misguided Legislature embracing a feel-good piece of legislation that was promoted by health insurance reform advocates, such as Dr. Eric Novack.

And, I say this because those involved in lobbying for this legislation have no basic understanding of one of the primary statutory drivers of small business health insurance rates.

They would prefer to educate our Legislature through self-serving “misconceptions” and shallow promises that health insurance rates would be more competitive without such things as health mandates.

And yes, mandates are a contributing factor to our premiums, but eliminating them would only temporarily affect health insurance rates, especially since small business renewal premiums are increasing by double-digits on an annual basis.

Furthermore, our understaffed Arizona Department of Insurance, and probably underpaid, would be asked to regulate foreign insurers who are entering a file-and-use state scenario where insurance plans only come under scrutiny if a complaint is filed.

Finally, no one could answer my query as to who would hold responsibility if one of these out-of-state insurers were to suddenly go out of business and leave possibly hundreds, if not thousands, of policyholders with no coverage.

These and other issues were never addressed because they were ranked, by importance, below the “misconceptions.”

Again, I applaud the governor who, at least this year, reminded me, although I hate to admit it, that my mother who raised me and my wife, who guides me, are usually right.

— Henry GrosJean has been an independent insurance agent for almost 30 years, responsible for the uniform health questionnaire legislation passed in 2007, and past lobbyist /president of the Arizona Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors.

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