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Capitol Quotes: July 8, 2011

“We simply have no idea what a federal exchange will look like. That’s one reason Arizona really should control its destiny and design its own market-oriented exchange.” — Chuck Bassett of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, commenting on the health insurance exchange, which is a key component of the federal health care overhaul.

“Somebody’s got to convince me, and right now I’m not convinced.” — Sen. Frank Antenori, R-Tucson, on his doubts about whether Arizona should set up a state-run health insurance exchange, as outlined in the federal health care overhaul.

“Every time I find out anything about our border, I read about it in the paper or I hear it on television or I hear about it on the radio. I wish they would notify me to let us know what exactly they’re about to do.” — Gov. Jan Brewer, on Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano’s July 7 visit to the Arizona-Mexico border, which the feds did not notify Brewer about.

“I’m just frustrated by the whole thing.” — Attorney Lisa Hauser on the U.S. Department of Justice’s memo indicating that large-scale cultivation operations and dispensaries won’t be protected from federal prosecution by Arizona’s medical marijuana laws.

“Nobody wanted to be perceived as supporting ‘Obamacare’.” — Rep. Cecil Ash, chairman of the House Health and Human Services Committee, on legislation he co-sponsored to set up the health insurance exchange in Arizona. Ash and others said the legislation is a defensive move — it’s meant to ensure Arizona will have a say in the design and operation of the exchange.

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