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Senate committee to hear resolution to dismantle redistricting commission

An Arizona Senate committee on Wednesday is to consider a Republican proposal to put redistricting back in the hands of state lawmakers and the governor.

A resolution introduced by all but one majority Senate Republican would ask voters to amend the Arizona Constitution to eliminate the Independent Redistricting Commission.

Voters in 2000 approved an initiative measure creating the commission and making it responsible for the once-a-decade redrawing of new congressional and legislative districts.

Republican legislators have denounced the current commission’s work, and the Republican-led Senate ratified Gov. Jan Brewer’s removal of the commission’s independent chairwoman.

The Arizona Supreme Court overturned the removal, saying Brewer acted without constitutional grounds.

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  1. Senate legislators you are going against the wishes of the voters when they established an independent re-districting commission. If you continue to challenge the wishes of the voters on any other issues, we the voters will vote you out! Spend your time on job creation, the economy, health, education and quite spending valuable taxpayer time on issues they have already voted on! If you cannot compete to stay in office..no matter which district..then you do not deserve to be there or voters just plain do not want you.

  2. Andy Tobin and company are proof that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. These right-wing yahoos don’t represent a majority of Arizonans and are only in office due to gerrymandering and a horrible primary election system that makes it easy for whackjobs, both left and right, to get into office. Good to see the kookocracy bucking voters wishes again, should be a short tenure for them. Send Candy Andy back to selling insurance now.

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