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Senate OKs bill requiring unemployment drug tests

The Arizona Senate has approved a measure requiring a drug test for everyone applying for unemployment benefits.

The bill also asks the Department of Economic Security, which administers unemployment benefits, to set up a random drug testing system. Anyone who fails either an initial or random test would be ineligible for benefits for a period of time.

The bill’s sponsor and supporters say it ensures public money will not be spent on people using illegal drugs.

Opponents of the measure say it places an unfair burden on the unemployed, who would have to pay for their own tests.

The bill was approved on an 18-10 vote on Monday and now advances to the House.

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  1. The job market is non-existent and the number of unemployed is growing exponentially, and now state government are attempting to make beneficiaries ineligible for benefits.

    The new jobs every month dont cover population growth alone, but lets drug test claimants to see who fails and who’s benefits we can slice.

    State governments have no shame.

  2. Let’s drug test some of these right-wing legislators. With some of the legislation they are pushing, they must be under the influence of drugs — nothing else explains it.

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