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‘Birther’ is an ‘N’ word

Alan Korwin (Photo from

“Birther,” used by the media with impunity, is a derogatory slur, the equivalent of the “N” word used for another group to cast them as sub- human.

You apply this new “N” word to a huge group of politically active Americans who have raised legitimate questions on a legitimate topic.

These Americans remember Sen. John McCain was grilled by a Senate committee over the same issue — eligibility. The man currently in the White House, for reasons that remain unclear to this day, avoided such reasonable scrutiny. These people ask, “Why?”

These citizens noticed that, when President Obama refused — flat-out refused — to release relevant documents, you let him slide. These people noticed that, when papers finally emerged, after unconscionable delays, irregularities were so great even amateur sleuths could spot them. The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office found remarkable inconsistencies that point to deliberate fraud.

To demean and ridicule such socially conscious, politically active Americans with their own “N” word violates journalism’s codes of ethics that require you not only to be unbiased, but to avoid even an appearance of bias. Inflammatory use of this offensive denigrating smear and “birther bashing” announces your prejudice loudly.

— Alan Korwin, publisher, Bloomfield Press, Scottsdale


  1. So long as we also treat the word “Obamacare” in the same way.

  2. Actually Mr. Korwin, the “N” word you should be referring to is NUTcase. Sheriff Arpaio has yet to show, let alone prove anything fradulant in regards to the President’s birth certificate. Even though his “investigation” has nothing to do with his job description, you along with the other “N” word people out there still support him in his witch hunt & wasting of taxpayer dollars.

  3. This is a prime example of subliminally, backhandedly blaming the victim (Obama). Conservative ‘birther’ rhetoric is in essence a way to access subconscious racism, and is recognized as such by most reasonable media commentators and reporters. What Alan Korwin seeks to do is to turn this reasonable, implicit, conclusion into some sort of ‘reverse racism’ on the part of those reasonable commentators who accurately ‘call a birther a birther’. Intimidation? Ingenious, invidious, insidious!

  4. If “such socially conscious, politically active Americans” truly believe that this ‘birther’ stuff is about something real (rather than the ‘dog-whistle’ racist rhetorical strategy that it really is), then they should wear the appellation of ‘birther’ as a badge of civic honor equivalent to ‘capitalist’, ‘socialist’, ‘progressive’, ‘conservative’, ‘liberal’, ‘isolationist’, ‘internationalist’, ‘moderate’, ‘abolitionist’, ‘Keynesian’, et cetera.

    ‘Birther’ does accurately describe their beliefs. But it does not even hint at their race, ethnicity, religion, physical height, or any other irrelevant attribute!

  5. The premise of this ‘author\ is that there are \legitimate\ questions that have not been answered.

    This is the BIG LIE that some (few) still believe.

    Every question that has any merit has been asked, answered (usually multiple times) but the LIE and veneer of ‘legitimacy\ stills befouls the air.

    Wear the \birther\ \truther\ and the other labels with pride…You should be proud of what you are. No need for those cumbersome hoods nowadays, sonny.

  6. The N word historically indicated something sub-human, but the term “birther” is only a shorthand for a set of beliefs. The fact that “birthers” are considered less intelligent is due to the content of their beliefs, not the existence of this shorthand or anything it implies on it’s own.

  7. The term ‘birther’ as it is being used nowadays only really applies to people who have spent the better part of the past four long years seeking evidence that our sitting president was born in Africa as well as whining about their inability to prove that claim to anybody except other ‘birthers’. And nothing short of the non-existent evidence they seek will satisfy them. Not evidence that Obama actually born a US citizen; not evidence that they have spent four years acting like squirrels chasing a false nugget; not evidence that Obama was elected fair and square … Nothing. Therefore, you are right. ‘Birther’ is the new ‘N’ word. The ‘N’ stands for ‘Nuttier than a fruitcake but exponentially heavier because now the condition is becoming depressing’.

    What I do not understand is why the ‘birthers’ do not just embrace the label because, no matter whatever else they have ever done, they have certainly worked very hard to earn the label and all it implies.

    Just calling a ‘spade’ a ‘spade’ now, sir.

  8. These comments all have a quite familiar ring, just like the skeptics’ complaints, indicative of how bifurcated the country is on this issue. It would be refreshing to have even a single person comment on a) Why the sitting president would steadfastly refuse to release a birth certificate for three years, fueling the controversy (no need to address all the other records that have been “sealed,” such as college performance), and b) any substantive rebuttal to the inconsistencies the Sheriff’s office found in studying the document finally released, which indicate deliberate fraud. Failure to address these points just makes matters worse, and perpetuates the controversy. The name calling and vitriol expressed in the comments here, in lieu of substantive debate, hurt the nation and the president.

  9. Alexander Ryking

    Idiots who refuse to believe Barack Obama was born in this country and is the legitimate President of the United States DESERVE to be demeaned and ridiculed. They are NOT socially conscious. They have not subjected the President to “reasonable scrutiny.” Instead, they have concocted a conspiracy theory to service their political and racial bigotry, a theory that has been disproven by hard facts time and time again.

  10. Refreshment (for Mr. Korwin): a) There appeared to be no need for the President to waste scarce, valuable presidential time on an obviously ridiculous and racially motivated claim. Most likely the President concluded that the press was capable of dealing with this absurd claim. (Placing trust in the competence of the press is today’s most common political mistake. The press gets played regularly by political scam-artists into giving them unmerited publicity and legitimacy.)

    b) There are small inconsistencies to this day about descriptions of how gravity works, but no one seriously denies that it exists and works in the way that the current scientific consensus has tentatively (all scientific theories are tentative) described it. (The same could be said about ‘natural selection’, et cetera.) And the collateral proof of a Hawaiian birth is relatively overwhelming, and does not require any expertise in examining documents digital or otherwise. Finally, using the one thousand year old logical principle of Occam’s Razor, the simplest conclusion is that there is no conspiracy. The details of such a conspiracy, including the original motivation, some 40 odd years ago, would be so Byzantine as to defy the imagination of the most creative minds who have examined this issue.

  11. Pure B.S. completely different N word as he calls it, blacks call each other. They use it to race bait the whites Negro is an acceptable word in websters.

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