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Capitol Quotes: June 1, 2012

“I would never say never. And of course, we never know what’s on the horizon. Maybe there is a possibility, if the economy turns around so great, that we could do more in that direction.” – Gov. Jan Brewer, on the possibility of her signing more tax cut bills over the next couple years.

“He is a nice guy. He’s nicer than Russell Pearce, but he voted the same way.” – Rep. Ed Ableser, D-Tempe, commenting on Sen. Jerry Lewis, R-Mesa, his political opponent in Legislative District 26. Lewis last year defeated Pearce in a historic recall election.

“It seems that Ed Ableser and Russell Pearce’s records have more in common then Jerry Lewis and Pearce’s. Pearce wasn’t down at the Legislature this session… and apparently neither was Ed Ableser.” – Anson Clarkson, Sen. Jerry Lewis’ campaign manager, in response to Ableser’s poor attendance record in the House.

“Nobody should be in the Legislature unless they can really afford not to be there.” – Rep. Jim Weiers, R-Phoenix, responding to criticism that lawmakers’ $24,000 salary discourages people from running for office.

“Considering all the damage that the Legislature has done to the state of Arizona, the last thing that the people of Arizona need to be doing is rewarding them.” – Sen. Steve Gallardo, D-Phoenix, on the possibility of voters approving a legislative pay raise in November.

“We fully stand by the results of the poll. And if Andrei wants to release the numbers from his poll, he’s more than welcome to do that.” – DJ Quinlan, Sen. David Schapira’s campaign manager, on criticism by Andrei Cherny’s campaign of an internal auto-dial poll commissioned by the Schapira campaign that showed Cherny far behind in the three-way Democratic primary for CD9.

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