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Flake Endorses Adams for congressional seat

U.S. Rep. Jeff Flake (left) and former Arizona House Speaker Kirk Adams.

Congressional District 5 GOP hopeful Kirk Adams received a last-minute boost from Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Flake today when Flake endorsed Adams over his primary election opponent, former U.S. Rep. Matt Salmon.

With the election only four days away, and Adams trailing in both polling and fundraising, his campaign is hoping the endorsement from the sitting congressman in the district will give it a boost come Tuesday.

Adams’ campaign manager, Chad Heywood, said the endorsement might have had more impact a few months ago, but because Adams is friends with both Flake and his primary election opponent Will Cardon, he didn’t ask for the endorsement until now.

“We just asked for it,” he said. “(Flake) is in a strong position in his own race now, and as a friend, we felt comfortable asking when we did. We’re just thrilled to be able to get it when we did.”

Flake said in a press release that he has a lot of respect and admiration for Salmon, but Adams is the right man for the job.

“I’ve known Kirk (Adams) for years, and have watched his steady, thoughtful leadership as speaker of the Arizona House. I’m confident that, if elected, Kirk will provide the same conservative leadership in Washington,” Flake said in a press release.

Though the district lines have changed, Adams is essentially running to replace Flake. The six-term congressman has earned respect from the voters in the district, Heywood said, and many voters want his opinion before casting their ballots.

“Congressman Flake is a very popular congressman, and we’re running for the seat he’s vacating,” Heywood said. “So I think it will have a lot of impact, there’s still a lot of undecided voters in our race. They’re holding onto their ballots, they’re going to vote on Election Day.”

Salmon is leading Adams in fundraising and has raised more than $903,000 in his quest for the seat. Of that, $138,000 has come from political action committees, and he loaned himself $10,000. Adams has raised a total of $696,000 with $92,000 coming from political action committees, and $88,000 from a personal loan.

Salmon has roughly $123,000 on hand, while Adams has $106,000 left in the bank.

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